Here’s a current “marketing to the hipster” ad that’s up in the subways now. For Christmas gift ideas, the Braun electric shaver company is targeting hipsters who feel they’ve invented facial hair among so many other things. The ad says to “rep your borough”. Well look at the facial hair associated with Brooklyn. Of course it’s the full-on, bushy, licefest hipster beard. Some would say – a beard is a beard. No I’m sorry. Up until the hipster invasion, beards and moustaches were no big deal – that’s when a beard was just a beard. Only certain men wore them and it did not look odd on them. Now though, the hipster uses the beard to label himself as a North Brooklyn cultured creative type. He feels it balances out the rolled up women’s jeans, extra small lumberjack shirt and thick framed glasses. He wants to mimic the douche sitting across from him on the L or G train or the Josh living in the overpriced apartment above him. Lastly and sadly, I think Braun got the idea for this ad from the hipster that got caught drawing moustaches on subway ads a few months ago. Damn, what a sad world we live in.