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  1. Ever wonder what happens in those expensive Liberal Arts colleges? Here’s one poor student who lost out on a great opportunity and is now stuck with $100K in student debt. No wonder they’re protesting Wall Street. The Man is putting them down.


    Richardson says she has suffered emotional distress, spent more than $100,000 in student loans without a degree and missed out on at least one job opportunity.
    She seeks punitive damages for violations of the Missouri Human Rights Act.
    She is represented by Mary Anne Sedey with Sedey Harper of St. Louis.
    The only defendant is The Washington University.

    • Like yah! Like yah! – that’s 2.11 fucking minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

      Trust hipsters to do a lame rehash of a tired formula that was tired over 20 years ago and add the sustainable, organic “Like Yah” factor. Plus, that guy doesn’t look like he’s in the army.

      • “Plus, that guy doesn’t look like he’s in the army.”

        Maybe he’s secretly a member of the crack Man-Child BMX Bicycle Commando Division?

        • Here’s footage from his U.S. Military boot camp.

          • This BIKE thing cannot be real.

            LOL@ ‘Conrad’ at 2:28 of that fucking thing. How badly do you want to smack that little douchebag.

          • “The goal is to let everybody be themselves and get along.”

            If some guy in a business suit with no piercings, no tattoos, who likes Celine Dion and has a bad, diehard passion for bicycles showed up, no matter how well he got along, they would probably never let him in. They DO all look alike. They DO have this cultural uniform–grungy clothes, tats, stretched ears, messy hair, scars and scabs. What they really mean is, “The goal is to let people who don’t fit into other groups but fit in here be themselves.”

          • Er, mad, diehard passion. Like they do.

          • Wow….that is some truth if I ever did hear it

          • “This shit comes from the gutter.” Well, they’re right about that.

      • Holy crap – what a drively piece of shit that whiny film preview was

  2. For those who may not know. Williams Candy is a non-pretentious old time true candy store still open in Coney Island making fresh candy all year long.

    Pete’s Candy store on the other hand is just a converted luncheonette that is now a hipster hangout that uses the old sign to say “we are quirky vintage creative types that wish we were real Brooklynites”

    • Williams Candy has SOFT SERVE PISTACHIO ICE CREAM????!!!!!

      I am so there! :-)

      Perhaps I can crack a few hipster skulls on the way.

  3. Oh this is Sooooo Brooklyn.

    Mini thugs
    A duo of kids snatched a wallet on First Street on Dec. 9.

    The 35-year-old victim told cops that she was using her iPad near Eighth Avenue at around 4:30 pm and had set her wallet on the next to her. Two kids asked her directions to Jay Street then walked away. That’s when she discovered that her brown Hobo wallet — along with the $80 inside — was gone.

    Cops are hunting a 4-foot-8 inch 9-year-old with cornrows and a 5-foot-1 inch 13-year-old with clear skin.

    • Clear skin? So they’re looking for a teenage Casper?

      Who the fuck puts their wallet down anywhere outside of their house/apartment/whatever?

      That’s like the idiots getting their cars jacked or broken into around here because they don’t lock them or leave nice things in visible sight somewhere in the car

      No street sense whatsoever..

      • “Who the fuck puts their wallet down anywhere outside of their house/apartment/whatever?”

        Better yet, who the fuck traipses around any major city with a sudden urgent need to use the Internet, while they’re standing in the middle of the street?

        Consider that $80 a public Internet access fee. She’s just lucky they waived the mandatory ass-kicking surcharge.

        • Haha! Agreed. What is with this need to constantly be on the internet?

        • Or as I’ve heard it called, an idiot tax.

          Even people from small towns know not to leave your shit unattended for a second.

      • Moron. She’s clearly not ready to be let out on the street alone.

        And speaking of which, can’t we send these people back?

        Gen Y-ers find happiness in ‘baby neighborhood’ of Park Slope.

        As a 25-year-old new transplant to New York from Portland, Ore., I had no idea what to expect from Park Slope. All I knew was that an online renters guide called it the “baby neighborhood.”

        • What the fuck does the first one and her roommate do for a god damn living?! I work 48-60hrs a week? Of course the author would like an area just like her journalism college.

          • They cash monthly gentrification checks while exploring the whimsical and quirky art and music scene of New Brueklein.

            The only 2 people in that article that are at all likeable are the girl whose mother died and now takes care of the building, and the guy who wants to teach English in Japan. Of course they are both actually from the neighborhood.

          • and those are the two I respect. As Ive said before, I will take any opportunity to learn from and hear the stories of anyone born and raised in the 5 boroughs. I dont understand how this became an amusement park city. Granted its an interesting city, but sending money while doing half assed finger painting and ….. you know, Im too heated to even write clear sentences.

        • Guess which one is going to be a future landlord?

        • She should have just moved from Mississippi Ave to the Pearl and experienced the same yuppies for marginally less money.

    • [Nelson Munce] HA! HA! [/Nelson Munce]

    • You know your fish food when you get punked by people more than half your age.

      Granted she is a woman, but c’mon. I know women that can handle themselves better than any needle shaped hipster beta male. She could of just gave them a kick to the junk and ran off with her ipad intact. But that’s what happens when you don’t have street smarts. I mean, I would of slapped them kids although I’m so against violence against youngsters. But when push comes to shove…I ain’t getting pushed but doing some shoving.

  4. These fucking wanna-be Brooklyn try hards are an insult to humanity.

    • Oh Dear God…

      I feel the same way. Hopefully they get stranded out West and can’t come back East.

    • Well, if the Vancouver they intend to film one of the episodes of their little bullshit production is Vancouver, BC (as opposed to Vancouver, WA), then I’m guessing they’re too stupid to obtain the required work permits. The conversation with Canada Customs and Immigration at the airport will be very brief, ending with being frogmarched back onto the plane.

      Canada Customs aren’t so dumb they’ll believe those fancy professional cameras and audio equipment are for making a vacation movie. From what I understand, the application process for that particular type of work permit takes at least six months. Hipsters don’t have that kind of attention span.

  5. So many clueless 20 something females walking around late at night with earbuds planted firmly listening to some pseudo band wanna bee. Oblivious to anyone walking by at 3am.

    Targets and walking ATM’s doesn’t quite cover it….stupid, oblivious retards, that feel so superior to everyone around them. They are the future stats you read in the Brooklyn paper in the crime section.

    • Yup.

      And then when you’re reading the paper you can think to yourself “Hey, at least he/she finally made the paper” and then turn the page and forget about them.

      It’s like these girls are subconsciously trying to get raped or something.

    • I’ve always said (and many other people have said this so it isn’t based on my own words) that there are two types of smarts in this world; book smarts and street smarts.

      Book smarts will get you ahead in the corporate world and anything where intellectualism is paramount …but street smarts will keep you on your toes and alive with everything you have intact.

      But that’s the way of growing up in the suburbs. There aren’t really any dangers of thieves, muggers, rapists, etc. because the people who live there pay assloads of many to keep that stuff out. In the same coin, because of this, it leads to people who just grow up sheltered from the real world and have a very flawed perspective of it cause they live in a bubble.

      I grew up in the burbs too, so I know how it is. But even then, I didn’t act with such an irresponsible sense of frivolousness that caused me to not take care of things I own. Even though we lived in a very well to do area, we locked our doors at dark and never let our guard down.

      I’m happy I learned street smarts at a young age though because it’s kept me ahead of the game. But at the same time, I have my education and degree which I’m proud of.

      I’ll sum it up like this: what’s a harvard degree going to do for you when someone has a knife to your throat demanding you give up the goods?

      • *money

      • Honestly these kids never cease to amaze me and I’ve been around the suburbs my whole life, even though I didn’t live in them until I was in high school. I’m surprised they don’t teach courses on “street smarts” yet or have some hipster self-defense class or “intro to surviving an urban area” class.

        • I have my kid on a quasi-regular lecture series by yours truly. In theb’burbs it’s the one kid possessing an ounce of feral street smarts that takes advantage of everyone. because everyone is a “special snowflake”. My kid attends

          My son traded a “valuable” Pokemon card to a kid on his bus who convinced my son that it wasn’t worth anything. In the world of Pokemon it was worth a lot. Well he got upset.

          Then he did it again.

          Tears, dolphin crying… I sat him down and I told him,”look. You lost what-3 dollars? You got away cheap. For next to nothing you found out the kid’s a dirtbag and not to be trusted. You have 5 years fo school left with this mook. Would you rather find out he’s a douchebag by losing three bucks now or have him “borrow your expensive cellphone when you’re 14 and never returning it? For three bucks you have this jerk out of your life.”

          I think he got it. Not sure….

          • Haha yeah unfortunately my street smarts came from experience as well. Thank God I learned before I had anything expensive.

  6. http://www.thebikeheist.ca/

    Mike and Barry are lifelong friends and roommates who have drifted apart, collateral damage from Mike’s misguided pursuit of a corporate career. One summer morning, Mike, an avid cyclist, becomes the victim of bike crime when his “Bullet” is stolen. Barry convinces Mike to borrow the bicycle of their lovely lady neighbour to get him to work on time. Unfortunately, this bike gets stolen too. Not to worry- Barry concocts a hairbrained plan in which the two friends and an unusual team of heisters will steal all of the bicycles locked up outside their apartment building in order to cover for the missing one. However, nothing goes according to plan and Mike and Barry must deal with the utter chaos that ensues. This bromantic comedy-caper takes audiences on a wild ride, illustrating the importance of friendship, cycling, and choosing your own adventures.

    • Just a perfect movie for them. It shows just how disrespectful and entitled these little shits are. The guy borrows somebody else’s bike and it gets stolen. I’m sure he doesn’t even apologize or try to make it right. Then he of course figures “I’ll steal other people’s bikes because I’m entitled to them!”

      Needs a serious beating.

    • What. The. Fuck.

      Filmed in Edmonton, Alberta.

      Who the fuck rides a bicycle here? 9-year-olds, paperboys, and NOBODY.

      Gee, I wonder how much taxpayers were screwed to subsidize that piece of shit?

      And I wonder if there’s any connection to the city raising my property taxes by 5.4% for next year — on top of the 3% they jacked it up last year?

      I guess they need generous, wealthy philanthropists like me to involuntarily pick up the tab for the Edmonton Arts Council — a $7 million / year boondoggle. I smell their foul handiwork in this. No wonder they don’t have enough money to hire more cops to bust the heads of the meth-head hobos infesting my neighbourhood. I’ve got to do everything myself!

      There’s nowhere left to run. Nunuvut? Baffin Island? Albania? The cancer is out of control. We are all Brooklyn now.

      “Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats.” — H.L. Mencken

      • Chances are that their health care is also subsidized in which a hipster beating would not be in your, or even someone in the states, best interest. Very sad considering how much of a beating some of these shit stains earned themselves.

        *The US has some form of subsidized health care.

        • Fair enough. What you’re basically saying is that a cost/benefit analysis should be done.

          All I can say is, the solution to that equation is between me and my God.

          (If you catch my drift … and I think you do.)

  7. Imagine Brooklyn with no hipsters…

    I just scored a copy of “Blue in the Face” (1995). Not ONE HIPSTER to be seen in the entire film!

    • Also “A Stranger Among Us” for old scenes of Williamsburg.

  8. You want real Brooklyn? Check out “The Search for One-Eyed Jimmy”.

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