Yes. It’s time for another installment of Fishing for Hipsters where I pretend to be a spiritual, magical, artistic, care-free, hipster transplant girl looking for love in New Brooklyn on Craigslist.

Here was my ad:

Creative girl looking to DO THINGS! – 28 (The heart of Brooklyn)

Date: 2011-11-20, 8:08AM EST
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I want to take doll sewing classes with you …I want to try and ride a penny farthing along the Brooklyn water front while the wind blows through our hair…

I want to have a 7-day morning and night nonstop art gallery hopping expedition and visit every last gallery in Brooklyn with you…

I want to incorporate hummus into sex with you…

I want you to recite 19th century poetry to me in the park on a chilly afternoon as we drink hot absinthe infused Peruvian tea.

I want to have tofurkey with you on Thanksgiving….

I want to visit OWS with you and fight for whats right…

I want to start a blog and document our lives in Brooklyn together….

I want to sell quirky art that we make together at a flea market….

I REALLY REALLY REALLY Hope the right boy reads this and responds. Please tell me a lot about yourself. My name is Zelda, Im 28 from Portland and live in Southwest Bushwick.

I wish us luck!






Here were the responses:

I don’t know anything about sewing but I am eager to learn

I love the brooklyn bridge and art gallery idea, though i don’t know brooklyn so much but carrol’s garden and bergen street.

Humus, OMG, never thought about it  !

Poetry has to with Beaudelaire or Appolinaire (we go for Mr Poe for the Americans, which i am a big fan of)

I am cooking a 17 pounds turkey two days from now and i getting exicted about it, though it will go with mushrooms (and not cranberry) and regular mashed potatoes (sweets are too sweet)

OWS is a complicated story (did you watch inside job ?)

And the flea market is about right a block from where i live.

To be conceived, i really liked your post, it was very charming, very well presented and now i am dying to meet you.

PS : I don’t care if you made the flower in the coffee cup, but i love the picture.


Hey I am loving, caring, respectful, loquacious, athletic, creative, musical, open minded and free spirited. I would like to mention that your name Zelda is the name of the princess in the Zelda games which are my favorite. I also got a kick out of when you said ” I want to incorporate hummus into sex with you”. Thats straight out of Zohan ! Anyway Write me back if you’re interested.


im ready for a creative girl who wants to sell things at flea markets/farmers markets, ect


Hey princess Zelda… From portland, always wanted to go to that voodoo donut place.. Mmm bacon maple bars… I digress though.. My name is jeff, chef, chef jeff.. Can u guess what i do? Seriously though i have a passion for food and cooking, i love music, im pretty artistic/bohemian very easy going.. Down for almost anything.. Like your list of ” things to do” very creative. Maybe change the 19th century poetry to 20th and the hummus to.. Chocolate ganache.. I dunno.. But anyway im 31 dark hair dark eyes, slim, but built.. Just lookin for someone to vibe with basically.. Hope to hear from ya


Hey, hows it goin?  holy shit is your name really Zelda? Thats fucking awesome. Lol now that thats out of the way, a little about myself:

I play guitar, bass, piano, keys, drums, banjo, and sing

I went to school for music recording and work at a recording studio in Williamsburg.

I constantly write and record songs all the time

I tend to work a lot at the studios. I’m trying to make it as an engineer and so far my hard work is paying off a little….still need to bust my ass though.

I don’t mind the hummus thing as long as it’s spicy hummus ;)Speaking of spice, I love spicy things….my friends call me gross due to the amount of hot sauce I like to put on stuff

I like walking around and talking and connecting, whether it be in a park, THE park, or just around the city. Being active is fun =)

I’m not the most confident man in the universe….but I make up for it bc I’m a nice guy….

I actually did some field recording of OWS for a documentary. I was down there for 3 days and it was an amazing experience. The compassion and genuine nice-ness of the protesters there is really awesome. This was during the start of the movement right after the girl got maced. I haven’t been back very often because I have been working a lot, although the times I went it was jamming out on my acoustic. I’d love to bring my electric guitar down there and make some jammy tribal metal with the drummers to piss off the fat cats up in the buildings >=)

Physically, I’m 5’6 140is lbs, have semi long hair (it’s growing) and a few tattoos.
I’m not scrawny but I’m not huge either….I naturally have some muscle but you can’t tell bc I slouch and wear black t-shirts all the time. So yeah thats me in a nutshell….I don’t know what else to say. If I sound interesting I guess hit me back otherwise have a nice life.


Hi Zelda,

I really liked your ad and all those things sound so much fun.  It sounds like a great relationship with great adventures!

I’m a 25 year old artist.  I stand at 5’9”, weigh 140 lbs and have brown hair and blue eyes.  I’m very nice and friendly, but can be shy at first sometimes. 

 I hope we can do a bit of everything together!


I want to get arrested with you after being on the government ‘watch list’ for some time because our coexistence has proved too subversive for the good of America.


Hey Zelda,
I’ve never had an absinthe infused tea, sound great. Have you sewn dolls before?


You had me at sex and hummus haha. You sound really interesting and Id like to get to know you a bit more. Any chance we could start with a pic exchange and go from there?


Your ambitions with hummus drew me to emailing you lol I am also in Bushwick.  Check my pic and send yours.