Let’s not concentrate on this artistic needle in a stack of hayseeds’ death too much. I’d rather concentrate on the abundance of bicycles, the bicycle rider’s stupidity and PATHETIC ART.

This is the 4th  bicycle death in recent months. Why? Because these stupid fucking hipsters either insist on being seen on their sweet rides or are too scared to walk from gallery to home to coffee shop to gallery to dive bar to loft to coffee shop to thrift store when the sun goes down in the awesome urban and gritty neighborhoods they transplanted to. This guy was riding in the middle of the night along a busy truck route and got crushed. Now, your typical transplanted, smug, nasally, North Brooklyn, pseudo-creative type will shout “Like yah!, something has to be done about this. These trucks and business owners should change their routines or even leave this city to make way for us cyclists. The city should install well-lit bike lanes everywhere! [in Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint and Park Slope]” Yeah, FUCK YOU BITCH! Go back to Oklassota and ride your fucking Schwinn with basket full of organic vegetables all day and night long you fucking cunt rags.

LinkGothamist: Cyclist killed in Hipsterland.

LinkBrooklyn Paper: Art world loses line and dot painter.

Next, let’s look at what makes Matthew an artist. I have this problem with the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of completely talentless people that have invaded major cities around this country to make “easy-art” while raising our rents, depleting our cities of their true charm, and turning everything into an artisanal, organic, homogenized extension of their liberal arts college campuses. To make what anyone can make. Anyone. Any age. IT – IS – SUCH – A – FUCK-ING – JOKE!!!

Taken from Matthew’s website. C’mon hipsters – THIS IS ART?????? DOES THIS TAKE FUCKING TALENT??? ANSWER ME YOU FUCKING FRAUDS!!!! YOU SUCK BALLS!!!!: