Truck produces art on Morgan Avenue.

Let’s not concentrate on this artistic needle in a stack of hayseeds’ death too much. I’d rather concentrate on the abundance of bicycles, the bicycle rider’s stupidity and PATHETIC ART.

This is the 4th  bicycle death in recent months. Why? Because these stupid fucking hipsters either insist on being seen on their sweet rides or are too scared to walk from gallery to home to coffee shop to gallery to dive bar to loft to coffee shop to thrift store when the sun goes down in the awesome urban and gritty neighborhoods they transplanted to. This guy was riding in the middle of the night along a busy truck route and got crushed. Now, your typical transplanted, smug, nasally, North Brooklyn, pseudo-creative type will shout “Like yah!, something has to be done about this. These trucks and business owners should change their routines or even leave this city to make way for us cyclists. The city should install well-lit bike lanes everywhere! [in Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint and Park Slope]“ Yeah, FUCK YOU BITCH! Go back to Oklassota and ride your fucking Schwinn with basket full of organic vegetables all day and night long you fucking cunt rags.

LinkGothamist: Cyclist killed in Hipsterland.

LinkBrooklyn Paper: Art world loses line and dot painter.

Next, let’s look at what makes Matthew an artist. I have this problem with the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of completely talentless people that have invaded major cities around this country to make “easy-art” while raising our rents, depleting our cities of their true charm, and turning everything into an artisanal, organic, homogenized extension of their liberal arts college campuses. To make what anyone can make. Anyone. Any age. IT – IS – SUCH – A – FUCK-ING – JOKE!!!

Taken from Matthew’s website. C’mon hipsters - THIS IS ART?????? DOES THIS TAKE FUCKING TALENT??? ANSWER ME YOU FUCKING FRAUDS!!!! YOU SUCK BALLS!!!!:


142 thoughts on “Truck produces art on Morgan Avenue.

  1. I saw that fucks “artwork” through these links and ya the fucker had those sleeve tats, and a mustache and was 30. My god, you can’t really make this shit up. As for his “art” I am glad he is fucking dead. Scary part: he was a “major” art figure in his neighborhood. You can imagine the rest of the garbage his poser friends must turn out. Yikes!

    • he (and his art) sucks ass–oh, sorry, used to suck ass!

    • “I work with irony and cynicism to test the fragility and the flexibility of these mediums, more specifically seeking to rearrange and disrupt the relationships between viewer, creator, commodity and context.”

      Translation: “If I throw together enough borrowed phrases out of my art class notes, maybe I can trick you into taking me seriously.”

  2. He was also a member of this Shit Show
    for $450 bucks you can take a bike sculpture class!

  3. I can’t even watch television on a Sunday morning without being invaded by these fishing line armed pseudo-creative redbearded wool hat wearing fucking fixie dickrod hipsters like the one in this commercial that was just on;

    Notice everyone else is wearing short sleeve shirts, but the creative trustafarian has to be bundled up in the wool cap – and of course they show his douchebag bike.

    Fucking hipsters – go back to Ohio assholes

    • Most people in Ohio don’t want them there, either.

      • I ran across one that came back. Among other things he helped organize a 50′s sci-fi marathon in a downtown park hosted by a tranny on a Saturday night to raise awareness for the homeless. Let’s see who’s going to be there….you and your enlightened band of co-op groupies and the F’n HOMELESS! Please pack up your collection of vintage vinyl and your fixie and move along.

        -All of Ohio

    • Like yah, artisan Hot Pockets made with rooftop vegetables! Only $5 each!

      • They are on almost every friggin commercial…there is some sort of bearded dipshit…they are invading HGTV and Food Network as well….there has to be token ‘hipsters’ in every damn show/reality competition series…make them go away please…bring back the Goths…

      • Plus, the average salary for graphic designers is nowhere near $48,140.

        More like $20K if you’re lucky. And that’s after years of internships and blowing your boss. Better have plenty of chapstick handy.

        • Thats cuz those ones suck^, literally and figuratively. True professionals can earn lots more. a good friend of mine is amazing, a creative hard worker, with both talent and skill. he makes about 85k a year, minimum. But this work isn’t for hipster, lazy, posers. You actually have to be great at what you do, meet deadlines, and be bake to work with demanding clients.
          Crappy “designers” are all over, but great ones are rare.

          • same goes for my brother-in-law – unbelievably talented, constantly expanding his skill set, no job is too small, works fast ..he pushes the 100K mark. The thing is – when you’re reasonably priced, professional and respect deadlines. Catalogs, flyers, ads..he’s worked for fortune 500 companies and the bakery down the street.

            He’s constantly hustling and works hard. he did my business card in between a job for Mattel and a camping equipment catalog.

  4. I can’t tell – Is that 2nd ‘piece of art’ a used pipecleaner, or his left arm?

  5. Mat’s friend from Montreal says:
    I’m a very close Mathieu’s friend. Please, don’t use his tragical death to promote your newspaper. Mathieu was a young promising artist trying to establish a long-term career, as several others. He was well known in Québec, his artwork was respected inside our art community, he had a charismatic and generous personality, and most of all he was a great person to be with, humorous and witty.
    He will think that the mention “MAJOR ARTIST” is quite laughable. He was a hard-working and grounded artist, that’s it. And a great buddy.
    Yesterday, 6:57 pm

    Marianne from Berlin says:
    My friend Mathieu was a great person and artist. He’s not a “bike accident statistic”. Please refrain from using these comments to criticise that state of New York’s cycling paths. Someone actually died here, this is not a public policy issue.
    Today, 2:15 am

    • Im sure he was a swell guy, and his family and friends will miss him.
      He wasn’t an artist, and if he worked hard at being an artist, he was even worse at it than I originally thought- though, I guess he could have worked hard on explaining why this stuff should be called art…..

      My one year old does better art than your friends did. Do you think if I put it up he can also be a well respected artist among those who think art = anything (ie, your friends and local “art” community)? He even rides a cool little tricycle, has a pair of Chucks, bad judgement, and throws tantrums and rebels when told no, like all good hipsters do. He will fit right in, until he grows up a few years, anyway.

      Who rides in the middle of a busy road, next to a truck lane in the middle of the night? Take a cab! A subway! A bus! I hate to blame the one that died, but this sounds like a Darwin award in the making.

      • I thought one or two of his pieces were kind of neat, but the rest just did not strike me as art so much as “kids in art class playing with heavy body paint.” The lighting and photography of some of his work was more artistic than the work itself.

  6. This is what your pathetic blog has come to? Making fun of someone dying because you don’t like the way he dresses or the fact that he is not from New York? Dude, I’m convinced you are one of the most ignorant pathetic people I have ever come across. Your blog sucks and its getting worse. It used to be good for a laugh once in a while but now its pathetic just like its main author. The pathetic pussy who is anonymous who takes pictures of people on the subway who dress funny. Dude get a life. You are obviously someone with too much hate in your heart but you are the one that has to live with that. But you are still a pathetic pussy. Go kill yourself.

    • Wrong Zachery. Read again and you’ll see I’m not celebrating his death. I’m focusing on stupid, smug cyclists and the fact that people are serious when they call what he does “art”. This was a great example of what we’ve been making fun of on here for years. It’s a given that hipsters are going to die on their bikes being that they come from one horse towns and think they are urbanites just because of their new Brooklyn zipcode. Now go tell all your buddies having brunch at Roberta’s what a bad bad boy I was today you fucking Caleb.

      • If you will forgive me there is some Irony here. These cyclists are always bitching about when are we going to put in curb cuts, and rack and this and that like they do in Portland, Amsterdam and Montreal. Well this guy WAS from Montreal! If he had just stayed there he would had all those bicycle amenities. And it’s not like Montreal is a backwater. It’s a big, thriving city with a very active arts scene and the government funds the arts to a much greater extent than they do here. But NOOOOOOOOO, he has to come to Brooklyn to share his art with us. No comments on his death but his “art” was childish at best. I would expect more from a 6th grader. They say posterity sorts things out, lets see what this crap is worth a year from now. It will just be thrown out.

        • They ride without common sense. Who the fuck rides in a blind spot of a large vehicle anyway?

          I’ve witnessed some of these assholes actually trying to beat a motor vehicle or motorcycle (mine) to the turn and nearly run over a pedestrian or cause a multi-vehicle accident.

      • I don’t know who Zachery is, but then again no one knows who you are because your an anonymous bitch. I’m from Brooklyn so don’t come out of your face. You seem to know all the hipster spots better than anyone. Any way, I guess your little blog is your whole life which is pretty sad because it sucks. I can promise you no one is discussing your pathetic blog anywhere other than on the piece of shit blog itself, where losers sit around making fun of people who have done nothing to them. It’s pretty funny, why are you not mad at the landlords that rent these apartments to these people? Are you mad at a landlord whose property value has grown up and is getting high rents because your pathetic ass does not approve of who moves in. The bottom line is that you are probably giving this poor guy more fame in writing a post about him than he would have gotten through his art. Anyway keep being the pathetic pussy that you are and keep shoveling hate around. Your a pathetic man who is too pussy to reveal himself. Some real tough guy. Eat a dick bitch.

        • Wait a second Hayden,

          Lets get one thing straight. You are not from Brooklyn. End of that story.

          Next. You say this site sucks, yet you read it religiously. Don’t say you don’t – because you do. Then you say no hipsters are talking about this. Yet again, you are aparantly as are other nasally staycationing estrogenized lumberjacks. Then, you say I’m making this talentless dead artist gain more fame from my site by me talking about him – but, didn’t you say nobody reads this site? Make up your mind Spencer.

          • Asshole I was born in wyckoff hospital so don’t come out your face. I grew up on harman and wilson one of the last italian families left in the hood. You can say what you want but I would beat your pussy ass in the street. Let me know we can do it for your favorite charity but you will probably just pussy out like you do. Get at me son you got my email we can shoot the fair one and put it on youtube while I beat your pussy ass so I can show the whole world what a bitch you are. Let me know little bitch you have my email.

          • Your hipster beatings are a fantasy. Go toe to toe with me and I will make your ass beating a reality. Holla at me pussy you got my email/

          • So, you wanna beat up die hipster for making fun of hipsters? Really? Are you the hipster body guard?

          • oh man this is getting good. DH getting called out by someone who actually grew up in Brooklyn unlike 99% of the people on this site. DH getting called out for his anonymity and his “fantasies” of beating up hipsters. This is a great moment in the online exposure of all these nerds who inhabit these forums and others like 4chan and reddit.

          • Is the Standing Wolf guy a black dude? or just a ‘wigger’? His vocab changes from high society beardo to ghetto in a matter of sentences….this is actually fun, I want to see them duke it out on youtube….set it up kids and toss them dogs!!

          • He does bring up a suspicious point, how do you know all the hipster spots better than anyone? and if you’re so tough, why are you so anonymous? I bet you’re a frustrated lil guy from any neighborhood in “Brooklyn” starting or ending with the following: heights, park, wood, hurst, beach, ridge, which for your fucking information, is no longer Brooklyn, fucking caleb.

          • i took off my mask DH, now take off yours.

          • You didn’t have a “mask.” You came here wanting to make a video about the Masturbation Brothers and got shot down, and you’re still feeling hurt about someone saying “no” to you more than a year later.

            DH doesn’t have a “mask.” He’s probably just some regular guy doing a regular job, who runs this site as a place for people to share their feelings, rather than to talk about himself. (If he did what you’re suggesting, it would make the site more like a hipster blog site and your accusations would be valid. Can’t have it both ways.)

            Once again, you take something mundane and make it sound like some kind of dramatic crusade that’s going to change the world. It’s the same whether it’s chocolate or coffee or art or bicycles or DIY music or an argument on a blog.

          • guy – don’t you mean 20-something year old kid who has an xbox and an iphone?

          • DH you think you are actually doing something great for the world, you said in another post that you are “exposing truth.” Do you have a god complex or something – for this – a shitty wordpress blog and the occasional emails from your fans? You are so pathetic. This is the last string – making fun of a dead person’s art days after he died. Eventually one day you’ll grow up – you’ll be embarrassed – you’ll wonder why you made this site when you could have been enjoying your early twenties – with friends – with girls. Until then, keep playing your xbox live and posting this vile crap.

        • 1. Thank goodness hipsters don’t discuss this blog, or they might start showing up here for the sake of “irony.”
          2. Hipsters have done something to us. They displace the populations of the neighborhoods they invade and turn them into suburbs with old buildings. They are bland and boring. They are all individuals, collectively and in the same exact way.
          3. I think people would be less mad about the rising prices if they were a natural economic occurrence. But working class New Yorkers are being priced out of their own neighborhoods by liberal arts majors with half-time internships, due to Daddy’s allowance from Ohio.
          4. Related to number 3 above, we hate hipsters because they are the children of the suburban wealth using our city to add grittiness and authenticity to their otherwise soulless 5,000-square-foot McMansion existence. This is also why their art is awful – if you have a bland background, things you create will reflect this.

          • 5. Art is made because someone deemed it necessary to make that piece of art. This “art” as depicted here is made because somebody needed enough of a repertoire that he could point back on to justify his spending other people’s money living a dilettante’s lifestyle in a hip neighborhood.

            In doing so, he’s cheapening Art, he’s pricing people who actually produce things in the neighborhoods he’s living in out of them, and, because he’s not at all likely to remain in said neighborhood after he grows out of this phase in his life, his conceit will have longer-lasting effects than his present-day idiocy.

            Now, I don’t think New York is some “y’ain’t from around here” provincial town where we can’t take people coming in. New York is the most inviting city in the country, and just about the only city where you could reasonably say you’re a citizen of without having your father and your father’s father having been from here. That said, it’s one thing to move here with the intent of being a local, and it’s another entirely to move here with the intent of slumming it for a few years so you’ll have some cool stories to attract your future wife when your parents inevitably tell you their checks aren’t coming in and you should get a real job in a nice place without minorities in it.

    • Edd,

      Taking up where Stevie left off?

      Did you miss “Sex and the City” again?

    • You know nothing of this site and its people. Obviously, you havent read much beyond youre obscure organic eastern european lesbian spanish socialist literature. This group has no problem with people from outside New York. They have a problem with people who come to their city and cant adapt, cant be productive, cant be good neighbors, and cant be themselves. They have a problem with people who come here, find out like yah, life is hard and instead of working hard or bow out gracefully, they work hard on throwing a temper tantrum like a child in toys r us and have mommy and daddy pat them on the bottom and tell them they are special and better than everyone else. And these grown children believe them. Mommy and daddy get them their apartment, art gallery, coffee shop, and bike lanes with their money and thus displace thousands of normal, kind, hard working people both native and transplant. Instead of coming here to live and just be and do, they come here and expect a medal for every little thing they do, like the art shown above of the food colored, sparkly dog doo. There are 8.5 million people here. They are not special, Im not special, these posters are not special(no offense guys). People die here everyday, I have proof of that. Dog doo art does not entitle you have changes made to a city that has been doing what it does for hundreds of years.

      The guys and gals on here have had it up to here with these pretentious no nothing who literally PRANCE around this city like they are 11 and get in everyones way and ruin normal people’s lives. This site is a release, a place of humor both dark and light for people. Now Im sure DH is right, mom and dad are waiting for you at Roberta’s with warm milk, fresh cookies and a brand new vintage scarf and fixie for you.

      • Oh now your speaking for every loser who writes on this site? Socialist literature? What twat? Your just another pathetic bitch that probably has not been fucked properly in a long time. Shut the fuck up you dont know shit about me.

        • Agreed Standing Wolf – this blog used to be funny at times. But making fun of dead people and protestors – that’s what it’s come down to. It causes a feeling of remorse in my soul. I never feel this way usually. It’s pretty much the worse of freedom of speech but in the end I have to support freedom of speech. Also this blog does bring interesting news articles to the front and its fun to make fun of that Texas 40 year old guy with the plants and the weird hat and the Hipsternator guy who is some weird old IT guy who loves going to Eastern Europe to have sex with women. Kind of sad, but very enjoyable. Also it’s funny when they make fun of me and my camera. Welcome to the party, Wolf.

          • Yeah dude you know what it is. The blog was funny at times, but this fool and his fantasy hipster beatings? what a bitch. I

          • A little market research on behalf of Ed’s marketing team.

            What was the first thing that made you realise the above message was written by our client?

            a) He mentioned his camera
            b) He’s talking to himself again
            c) He’s somehow still going on about TTR and Hipsterminator
            d) His, er, distinctive written style
            e) The fact that he took an interest in this post in particular, in order to bravely defend another brave, young hipster

            Remember, if you’re quirky, kooky, artsy and indie, and the nasty people with muscles are being mean about your Manic Pixie Dream Girlfriend again, Ed CARES and will BRAVELY speak up for you.

          • LOL

          • “LOL”? – DH are you 13-years-old. Only people under the age of 25 say “LOL” You are a little boy. Time to grow up, DH

          • It’s become a part of internet speak you pretentious moron. People older than 25 have been using that term, especially those in the IT community or nerds (who have more balls and character than any hipster in NY).

          • i have never once heard a person over the age of 25 ever say LOL. not once. have you?

          • IN the real world yes. It seems you live in a typical hipster bubble.

          • And LOL is net speak, not actually used as spoken word.


            Truth be told, I’m jealous of Ed. I mean, when he has a girlfriend this beautiful, who wouldn’t be jealous?

          • dude – you are so pathetic hipsternator I have nothing more to say.

          • Mitch the leather king. Creepy video.

          • He had me at “buttery..soft”…joking…what the hell is that shit? that was the best Halloween scarey ass thing I ever saw….trick or treat bitches…

        • Whassamatter Edd?

          Feeling butthurt because I told you your movies are basically shit?

          Well, know what?

          They are shit.

          • Pathetic. How’s being the mod over at the jailbait section of Reddit going, Hipsternator?

          • You seem to talk a lot about 4chan and Jailbait, Ed. You’ve mentioned them a few times now. Don’t think anyone else has. Is there something you’re trying to tell us?

          • good one, jack. you are a witty guy.

          • Half naked little girl.

            Leather weirdo.

            Cinematography by Special Edd.

          • Think of it this way Edd:

            I am Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park.
            You are Sally Struthers.

            You can’t win Edd. You have no talent. Nobody wants you.

          • thanks – didn’t know Trey and Matt created South Park. But now I do. You are such a troll who needs love, it’s so sad. You are an example of the worst effects of modern life.

  7. That’s why I never used a fixie bike in my 4 years a bike messenger when I was in my late teens. RIP.

  8. Celebrating his death is pretty low. I can’t say much for most of his “art” (the craftsmanship on the rug is very nice, but spray paint on a poster of someone else’s art? really?), but the blood sport is a bit much.

    • Hmm. I’m pretty sure the first line of this post was about not concentrating on his death, and the rest of the comments about bikes were general, not just for him.

      Reading comprehension FAIL.

      • I’m talking about the other posters on the site. For instance, on this page, the very first response ends:

        “As for his ‘art’ I am glad he is fucking dead.”

        Snark FAIL

  9. Sure the guy was a hipster and all, but celebrating his death? that’s a bit much, it borders on a nazi state of mind, it’s pretty disappointing for a site that is consistently clever.

    • who the fuck is celebrating his death? hipsters are children–nothing more. stay the fuck off the road you fuckin morons! i would NEVER ride my bike on a nyc city street. crossing as a pedestrian is hard enough–not like that fuckin muppet mayor gives a shit about a born & bred new yorker. please make the streets safe for PEDESTRIANS! not for some bullshit artist. that cocksucker should have stayed in canada (not a real country anyway)!!!!

      • Canada has a 3.7% higher life expectancy.

        USA has a 18.8% greater infant mortality rate.

        USA has 28.4% greater obese population per capita.

        USA has 2.8 times higher murder rate.

        Canada consistently tops the US in student math and literacy scores (Programme for International Student Assessment – PISA)

        Democracy index: Canada, 9th, US 17th.

        (Democracy Index is based on 60 indicators grouped in five different categories: electoral process and pluralism, civil liberties, functioning of government, political participation and political culture)

        The US isn’t even a real country!

        • If we pretend any of what you said were true, then why is it that Monsieur Pubestache fled Canada, at the first Canada Council Art grant? He must be nuts!

          If only those grants came with a requirement that they stay out of Canada forever, I’d support that. Consider it kiss-off money.

          BTW, you represent the worst in butt-hurt, neurotic, defensive Canadians. Your misplaced smugness and false sense of superiority over the US is all you’ve got. Who the hell else would have their little cherry-picked “statistics” at their fingertips? Normal people with self respect and dignity don’t do that. No wonder people laugh at you.

        • We also have a higher immigration rate. Especially that of the illegal kind where many of which do not seek help and are literate in their native language.

          Also, religious practices do have a hand in infant mortality rate as well as the resurgence of giving birth outside of a hospital setting (damn hipsters and New Age asses).

          Teacher unions are also not very effective at retaining good teachers despite the US spending more per student.

          • A good friend of mine, a Phd, is a higher up at one of the biggest hospitals in Philadelphia. These statistics drive him nuts. As a scholar who is used to researching facts he can’t stad when people pass along these little nuggets of nonsense.

            We do not have a high infant mortality rate. Truth be known, the reason why our number is higher than everyone elses is because the USA is the only country that keeps accurate records regarding infant deaths – far more accurate than Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, etc.

            it would be like saying Sweden has a higher assault crime rate that Detroit without knowing that people in Detroit do not report crimes to the police.

          • I read that one of the main reason’s the US has apparently higher infant mortality rates, is that more and more high-risk pregnancies are carried to term. The level of medicine is so good now that what would have been considered (and continues to be considered in many other countries) a non-viable infant, can be brought to term.

            Naturally, those babies are at a much higher risk of death — whereas in many places, they wouldn’t have even been born in the first place, and therefore never figure into infant mortality statistics.

            No good deed goes unpunished.

        • And this comment is relevant, WHY?

        • On Friday I scheduled an upper endoscopy, colonoscopy and a CTSCAN with follow ups with a digestive diseases speicialist, a gastroenteroogist and a hemotologist with a phd in biochemistry. All five appointments take place within the next two weeks.

          All three of my physicians were voted the top doctors in the USA for 2011 – which mean they must rank near or at the top world wide.

          When I’m in their offices half of the people there are on medicare or medicaid.

          • And I wonder how it is Mr. Crybaby Canuck explains Canadians travelling to the US for urgent medical procedures, when the waiting list here is so long? It’s a fairly common thing for Canadians to go to get MRIs (average wait time over 10 weeks!) and cancer treatment in the US, if they can afford it. Here, grandma’s going to have to wait 18-20 months for that hip replacement. It’ll be a world-class job when she finally get it, but the miserable wait easily cancels that out.

            It’s not so much the quality of medical care here, it’s first-rate. But since it’s run by the government, they’ve basically created an artificial chronic shortage of it.

            And just try finding a family physician! I haven’t managed it, so it’s the walk-in clinic for me, and thousands of others.

            Believe me, the day I start coughing up blood, I’ll drain my bank account and take mortgage on my house, and I’m on the first flight to the Mayo Clinic.

          • For those of us without insurance, 10 week wait for non emergencies sounds great, compared to getting nothing at all. No insurance, no cash, no docs- have fun in the ER! Our system is fucked up, it screws the working and middle class uninsured. Say what ya want about Canada, but they got this mostly right.

            And Pat- thanks for clearing that up. Our numbers are actually really good, even considering how others define things in a way that makes them look better.

  10. Is artwork #3 a pile of tie-dyed turds?

  11. I don’t want to sound offensive or anything, but I think these hipsters think that dying while bike riding is like going put in a blaze of glory. They are venerated like heroes. The average man wants to die like a hero, but they want to die trekking through the rough and tumble streets of brooklyn…

    • They are like moths telling the flame not to burn them. They are all bitching about who is right and who is wrong and what needs to change. Doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. Truck hits bike or bike hits truck the bike always, always loses.. A cop tells me that when a cyclist bitches that he was right and the car was wrong he says :OK, I’ll put that on your tombstone. Riding a bike, after midnight, on a street with heavy truck traffic, no bike lane and riding on the right side of the truck, without lights is going to be a problem. I honestly don’t know what they expect to happen. It’s a miracle that this doesn’t happen twice a day.

      • Being in Lower Manhattan quite a bit I’ve seen too many close calls. Many of which where the cyclist was in the wrong but just didn’t feel like stopping. Quite a few are also riding against traffic which poses another problem, especially for pedestrians who have right of way.

        • Just go over to the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge and watch hundreds of them blow the light coming off the bridge. I’m in downtown Brooklyn now and you can got to Jay or Court street and count any number of them running red lights. They always bitch about the cars and pedestrians not knowing the law but cyclist are the WORST about obeying any law. It’s a shame Anthony Wiener messed up. He was a shoe-in for mayor and he said the first thing he was going to shut down all of Bloomies bike lanes. Oh, hey would have howled when he did this. I got to move around the City a bit and I like the subway, of walking. I have to drag along a laptop and maybe a couple of books and I wear a suit. I’m a working guy, biking makes no sense for me and most other working folks, but we continue to cater to the leisure class.

          • Couldn’t even keep count of how many times I’ve seen hipsters on bikes fly across Delancey at the foot of the bridge, cut across Delancey & Bowery during rush hours, Bowery & Canal, Canal & Broadway. It’s like they get off on finding the most dangerous, high truck traffic spots on the LES to flaunt their rights and their feelings of superiority in preserving the environment – like they’re sending an organic message to the hard working New Yorkers that are just trying to do their jobs, which are stressful enough without some Ethan trying to prove something on a fixie.

            I’m sure Transplanted Ally who I believe works in the area can completely relate to what I’m saying, and I think JC said he rides his motorcycle in the general area as well. It really is a testament to the quality of driver in the city that these fixie assholes aren’t run over every day in the area.

          • Hipster cyclists suck. unlike actual cyclists, they never follow the rules of the road, and bitch when you expect them too. I can’t even tell you how many I have seen this week, riding center lane (even though there’s a stupid bike lane- but at least pedestrians use them too), and shoot right through stop signs and lights. and then people wonder why they get hit…..

          • I’ve actually heard people say, “Yeah, I know I’m breaking the rules of the road, but it’s a lot more work to get a bike back up to speed than a car.” I’ve been hearing that one for *years.*

            One, you are choosing to ride a bike. That means you’ve accepted that it’s going to take more work.

            Two, maybe if you rode a practical bike that had gears your life would be easier.

            I’ve also heard them say, “Look, if a car runs a red light someone gets killed, but the most I’ll do is make someone move out of the way.” Tell that to this lady:

    • Any picutres of a candlelight vigil? Street side memorial?

      This shit drives me fucking nuts.

      Fucking JFK Jr. – the connsumate trust fund baby – dies in a plane crash because his arrogance would not allow him to not fly at night because he was not instrument certified. And he took two other people with him.

      The day of his death, idiots are placing flowers, candles, cards – and for some inexplicable reason – teddy bears – outside his apartment building/loft/workspace/former tannery/former radium factory.

      This is a person who had contributed nothing to society – zero – nada. Meanwhile, cops, EMTs, trauma surgeons, bus drivers, biochemists die without somuch as a mention.

      • What do you mean he contributed nothing to society?

        He founded “George” magazine.

        • I published a community paper when I was ten – with newpaper stock and Flair markers.

          I’m still here though.

          Because life has taught me to never EVER get into any form of transportation with a Kennedy at the helm.

      • The JFK Jr. Theme Song (yeah, I’m evil but so what?):

  12. When will these fucking pieces of shit learn? YOU DO NOT RIDE ALONG SIDE SOMEONE’S BLIND SPOT and that goes doubly so for big vehicles like a flat bed truck where the blind spot is huge. It didn’t help that it was around midnight when it’s… DARK. Even bright colored clothing is of little use. A nice high powered light works. Proper riding gear is a must as well. These shits ride with just a flimsy looking helmet and barely anything in the way of pants or padding.

    Still the delivery folks seem to avoid accidents like this. They must be superhuman or something… or have brakes that work and common sense.

    Riding a mountain bike and a motorcycle it doesn’t take a fucking genius to learn what not to do. Why didn’t their parents ever teach them how to properly ride a bike?

    • Their nannies DID teach them how to ride! But they taught them to ride in a cul-de-sac in suburbia, on nice, paved, bike only trail in a safe park, and *maybe* behind Daddy in a low traffic, quaint small town bike lane.

      Like all of their childhoods/teen years, they were only taught the things that were relevant in white bread, suburban/sub-rural, land. Their parents figured that the nanny would teach them whatever is needed, and the nanny assumed the kids would continue being privileged and follow in mommy and daddies footsteps. Plus, the nanny would never have been allowed to take them into the *city*, or allowed to let them play with kids other than ones just like them.

      Their first taste of “diversity” is the extended vacation to an urban center, which barely counts, as even there they are surrounded by other parentally funded stay-cationers. Every so often though, real life collides with these adult children, literally.

    • These types of deaths remind me of the ridiculous leap in vehicular deaths in China when everybody started buying cars left and right. It’s nothing more nor less than a complete lack of understanding of the vehicle or the road. One guy making rookie mistakes and you have a rookie. A whole slough of people making rookie mistakes and you have Critical Mass.

      I’ve been biking in this city for 12 years. Never been hit by a car, never hit a pedestrian. It’s not rocket science, damnit.

      • That being said, delivery guys get hit all the time. Saw one end up flying over a BMW in my neighborhood a few months back.

        ‘Course, they’re not white, so they don’t count.

        • Some of the guys I do martial arts with used to be delivery boys but now work in the kitchen. They said it’s generally okay and that they’ve ridden in worse conditions so they know how to avoid most of the time.

          hipsters seem to be the only ones screaming. For the immigrant workers, life goes on since they agree that things are pretty much better here. Just goes to show the staycationing attitudes of the filth.

        • There’s nothing scarier than Chinese delivery guys on bikes…serenely pedaling against traffic, blissfully unaware of anything and everything in their path, with a look on their mugs
          like they just hit the opium pipe.

    • YOU fucking stupid piece of shit. The police accident report says he was rear-ended. Did you know that? No you didn’t, because that hadn’t been released yet. But that didn’t stop you from mocking and cursing a recently deceased human being. But you don’t fucking care about the truth about people–you just judge them based on some stupid surface level bullshit. In your heart you’re as bad as the ku klux klan, hating based on a category of people–which has no real meaning. I hope you realize that. You (and diehipster and all these other asshole posters) are horrible excuses for human beings with no soul. You’re going to die alone and unhappy, rotting from the inside.

  13. This website has taken a weird turn. It seems like three or four dumbshits have taken over and post 20 or 30 times to every thread. Now, you guys are using a tragedy to spread your propaganda and hate. Life is too short to hate so much.

    This stupid hipster trend will pass, only to be replaced by the next fad. All that hate is poison to your soul. Goodbye Diehipster, I hope you find peace one day.

  14. Hi. I’m from the Brooklyn of the 70s and 80′s till now. Back in the day a kid would die every 6 months or so. Drugs, murder, accident whatever. No matter what kind of scumbag the kid was or how much he asked for it, the tradition was to refrain from talking shit. We respected the dead no matter what.. it’s fun to laugh at hipsters and all but this guy is dead and is mother’s life is shattered.

    Dial it back a little, show some respect.

    • This isn’t the 70′s or 80′s and things have changed.

      This is the day of the internet and we can say whatever we want as long as the moderator approves of it.

      I might just go down to where he died and where the candles and vigil is at and take pictures of it and call it hipster art.

      • Funny, I was thinking of going down there and taking an ironic dump on it and calling it art.

    • Sorry pal. i understand the sentiment but I can’t agree. If someone was an a useless waste of protoplasm, ruining neighborhoods, raising rents and the cost of living for everyone while alive it doesn’t get them in the All Saints club just because they’ve bought it.

      In life or death you are judged by how you’ve conducted yourself and what you’ve accomplished (and how).

      • Just like you will be judged by having no respect for the deceased. God have mercy on your soul.

      • You sound like a raging lunatic asshole. And just how did this kid conduct himself? You have no clue because you never knew him.

        I hate that neighborhoods are getting more expensive by the day, but you can’t blame this guy for that.

        Guess you don’t know your history of new york–it’s always “outsiders” coming in in droves and changing the neighborhoods.

        Lots of neighborhoods in brooklyn used to be Dutch, Irish, German, Italian. Then it became carribean, etc etc. The people then probably spouted off hate talk just like yours. Blaming innocent individuals for larger forces. And sounding like stupid bigots in the process. Just like you!!

        My great uncle came to Greenpoint in 1905 from Ireland. He fought and died in the American army in WWI. When the Irish arrived in NY, they were called all kinds of names by the ignorant bigots who inhabited the place before them. Guess some things never change–there will always be shitheads with their heads up their asses.

  15. Hipsters are total jack offs. The hipster chicks are fugly and all have herps. Plus they are sickly skinny or high school chubby. Go back to Pennsyltucky.

  16. If that last piece with all the blue top mud dripped on it can sell in hipsterfied NYC as art then I’ve got a couple of drop clothes that I could probably use to start a nice retirement fund.

  17. It’s too bad this guy is dead. I’m not going to sit here and discuss whether or not he “contributed” to our society. If you’ve got a job and are paying taxes, you’re contributing- doesn’t matter what it is. The kind of petty shit that is bringing someone down such as this, especially a dead man, turns me off from the great humor that is this site. And of course, I don’t mean the post itself, but what some of the comments say. Come on, now, friends.

    Anyways, that being said, holy SHIT. Seeing this guy’s art made me feel like complete shit. I had some people call my crude drawings terrible and uninspired today, and told me they look like a child drew them. Then I realized, that’s exactly what my friend and I were going for when we started scanning all these things. I draw them at work, where I have much downtime, and color them with crayons. I work in a sort of youth center at the YMCA, and it’s either totally busy, or totally dead.

    Anywho, I’ve been getting sick of seeing all these self-named art-sites (like that aren’t just showcasing “art,” but also how self-centered, egotistical, and self-glorifying the “artiste” is. It’s seriously irritating, especially when I create art to enjoy it for myself, or to make others laugh, not to sell it or get noticed. But people critique it anyway, and tell me I need to draw “more like this guy,” or “shoot for an audience.” Well, sorry, but that’s fucking stupid. If I do that, I lose my individuality and voice, and that’s not worth any amount of money. I can’t stand sellouts and attention-whores- I’ve suffered enough at their hands throughout my life already. That’s why I seldom sign the pictures, and use a pseudonym on the site.

    Of course, if I could get some Google adsense on there and have people click the shit out of the ads and net me some cash, I’d have a boner the size of a pepperoni stick, but really, it’s our place to vent about SHIT, just like this gentleman on diehipster. Come on, we all love free money. Shit.

    Actually, there are a few drawings on the site by my friend, the site creator and uploader, and some of the kids from the Y.

    You know what’s really sad? Sometimes I’m so impressed by children’s artwork, it just reinforces my feelings that “FINE ART” IS BULLSHIT. Calling hipsters children is really just degrading to the kids, my friends. Kids don’t have a hidden agenda when drawing something. They draw it and give it to their moms and dads, or I put it on the wall, or they just leave it behind Sometimes I’ll see a drawing that a kid leaves, and something about it is just so visually interesting. It could just be a green blob with arms, but the way the lines are made attracts my attention. Ha ha ha.

    Now what would a snooty-tooty fucking art critic have to say about a 5-year-old’s drawing of a pink rectangle with legs?

    I hope you find our site as refreshing as this site.

    We don’t have a comment section or anything. This is some real amateur shit. But actually, if you folks want to create some artistic masterpieces, please do, and I will surely credit you (unless you wish to remain anonymous) and put them on the site. I would fuckin’ love that.

    Send me an email with some stuff! I don’t care what it is. As you can see, we’ve scanned shit from my school notes and crumpled papers and whatnot. Great!

  18. Man, some of those scans looks like total shit. Fuck! They’ve been blown up by a huge percentage. Fuck me. Oh well. I hope someone laughs at them.

  19. Fuck all you smug assholes.

  20. a tragic death is not humorous by any means, who knows what really happened and who is at fault…the truck or the kid riding carelessly?…celebrating his contribution to society and the art world? who the hell’s up to the viewer…art is it good? is it shit? it’s art and it’s a point of view….anything can be art, even this sight…..chill out “ya’ll”…

    • No. This site is not art – and neither is everything or anything. People that put a dot on a canvas and claim to be artists need to be exposed as frauds.

  21. Haven’t you nerds heard of Marcel Duchamp, Pollock, Mark Rothko? Art isn’t about ‘talent’ it’s about statements honey!

  22. As someone who’s almost 30, from Minneapolis, MN and who has worked since he was 14 in some of the worst jobs(dishes, janitorial, too many farms, warehouse overnights, forklift driver) – I can’t help but wonder if you saw me and what I look like, if you’d classify me as a hipster immediately. I’ve shopped at thrift stores my whole life(parents were and still are “working-class” in the printing industry and construction laborer), I have black glasses, have reservations on referring to myself as an artist despite actually winning scholarships and awards for both abstract fine art, I wear skinny-ish jeans, have played in multiple bands and currently still do, and ride a vintage bicycle.

    Nevermind that I went to college that I pay for myself(still paying), am married to my wife of 5 years who is a successful ASL Interpreter, bought my own house, pay taxes, am now employed as a graphic designer/prepress tech while still holding multiple freelance clients, still create and sell art and music to a variety of people, blah blah blah…

    But guaranteed…if I were to walk around Brooklyn, a place never been(until I visit a friend this summer who is getting her PHD and is into similar things as myself) and one of you internet-nerds on DH took a photo of me…no doubt Id be immediately classified as another one of your hated transplant trust-fund hipsters that gentrify “your” Brooklyn and provide nothing of value to “your” society.

    My question is…why? And how do you JUST KNOW someone is a hipster? Is it specifically the black glasses? The fixed gear bike(which I’m not fan of)? Being in bands? Making art? Or “art”? Wait, is it…skinny jeans?! Or…wait coffee and beer!(no, Im not talking Miller Light, which is what “normal” people drink, right? Don’t be silly…). Or is it specifically all of the above plus joblessness? Id love a list that I could carry and check off as I see potential hipsters…so I know how to classify them. How the hell else will I know whether they are, or are not, gentrifying MY neighborhood and pushing all us good/decent “working-class” folk out?! Or wait! Is it POSSIBLE that they’ve BEEN BERE THE WHOLE TIME?! They couldn’t be…FROM New York City…nah, not possible. Those vermin are from the Midwest, where everything should be referred to with a clever homophobic name! Yeah! THAT’S the REAL Brooklyn!

    I’ve kept up with this blog for awhile mainly because it’s really cleverly written and pretty funny, until I realized that YOU’RE ALL DEAD SERIOUS!!! I’ll probably still read from time to time, reminds me of The Onion and Vice, but waaay angrier.

    I can’t wait for the DH book to hit the Urban Outiftters shelf. I’ll probably wait til it hits a second hand book-store…oh wait! THAT’S WHAT A HIPSTER WOULD DO! NOOOOOOO!!!!

  23. Do any of you guys on this site by chance…play a lot of Skyrim? Or work as Programmers?

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