80 thoughts on “Brooklyn & Not Brooklyn

  1. Brooklyn not Brooklyn? Why is it that whenever you show a picture of Brooklyn it’s always some west of Flatbush Avenue and south of Prospect Park Italian/jewish neighborhood?

    Italians and Jews are some of the most vile, ethnocentric racists in this city ESPECIALLY the ones in Brooklyn. Many Italians/ South Brooklynites are hard working New Yorkers, but I know ALOT and I mean ALOT of them who are drug addicted spoiled brat, nepotistic children of well to do parents who have NEVER filled out a job application and only get a job because of daddys influence.

    Well besides that why do you not show a neighborhood like Brownsville or East New York where, If i’m not mistaken, Brooklyn was too real for the hipsters to move into and they were easy pickings for a home invasion/robbery.


    • I think you’ve been coming to wrong site for a while now. You do a lot of Brooklyn bashing instead of hipster bashing. Go to wordpress.com and make your own site to glorify Flushing and East NY. I’ll stick to what I know.

      • If he wanted the real East NY, Brownsville and Ocean Hill, who did he think lived in those areas before blockbusting realtors and housing projects changed the landscape? Jews, Italians, Germans and Irish. FR would’ve been chewed up and spit out by the locals back then, more than a few of whom were real, 100% authentic gangsters that wouldn’t think twice about sticking an icepick in his ear then torching his carcass to start a bonfire in some garbage dump in Flatlands.

    • “Italians and Jews are some of the most vile, ethnocentric racists in this city”

      I’m glad your non-racist, post-stereotyping self could clear that up for us.

        • I lived in Bensonhurst for several year (67th st. off 18th Ave). I would say that all Americans of Italian descent (I HATE it when people say “Italian-American”) are different but based on several years of observations I have to admit that Bensonhurst overall is racist – at least when I lived there. If you were a girl dating a Puerto Rican or a black man…God help you.

          My aunt lived there since ’70-’71. She recently moved to Staten Island. In fact many of them are moving to Staten island in droves because they don’t like the Asians and Eastern Europeans moving in to the precious little hamlet.

          My questions – which always go unanswered – has crime gone up since they moved in? Did they magically make more room to build houses or did you people rent to them and then sell out. The place changed because you allowed it to.

          Again..this was my observation. When I would leave my aunt’s house and go to Carroll gardens and Brooklyn Heights..or NYC I felt like I could breathe again. Like I was leaving a vacuum.

          • Good point. One group has to leave in order for another to move in. You want to “keep your neighborhood?” Don’t sell your house then!

    • You do realize that there are plenty of Jews and Italians in Flushing right? East Flushing is still Flushing and we have a synagogue and a lot of old Italian people going coexisting as people should. Hell, some of my neighbors are Italian and a good chunk of my friends are as well.

      I’d like to think that living in a diverse neighborhood has made me a rather well rounded individual. Hipsters dont’ count… they’re like the freakin’ Borg.

    • dude, i’m from flushing and with a name like yours, ‘representer’, i’m not exactly sure why you’d be quick to call the jews vile since there is a large hasid population in uptown flushing, in the queens college/townsend harris/john bowne area.

      in fact, maybe you shouldn’t even bother representing anywhere in queens, the most culturally/racially/religiously diverse place in nyc and most likely the world. maybe you’d be more comfortable representing the angry toxic trailer park trash of staten island, the jeff foxworthy phantom borough that actually wants to secede from nyc.

      • Suck my dick jew mother fucker. Flushing Northern Boulevard not semetic supremacists devil bankers on jewel avenue.

        Even Jennifer Aniston is getting down with these hipsters.


        Do you think these filthy spoiled brat Italians can economically battle these trust fund Anglo/Scottish-irish trust fund kids?


        QUeens and the BronX is the last refuge for real New Yorkers just trying to get by and possible make something of themselves.

        Suck my dick jewman
        suck my dick italian scum

        • You sound like some government cheese-eating, buying Old English 40s-with-his-EBT Card, gold-plated dog chain around his neck, wearing a gansta approved yankee hat with all the remove after purchase product stickers carefully preserved, pants around the bottom of his ass because he’s letting the “Down Low” homies know he’s a rear-end ranger, talking out of the side of his mouf mutant straight out of Latimer Gardens. Wassup wi’dat, Yo?

          The only thing you be representin’ is the other plague afflicting this city besides neckbeard interlopers.

          Now, go fuck your sister; though, it’s not as if you haven’t been hittin’ dat shit already, aight?

          • Anglo/Native America(n) till the end you filthy immigrant.

          • So, you’re a narrowback/Shinnecocksucker piece of wannabe street trash who huffs mogas fumes out of a garbage bag. Is that supposed to impress anyone besides yourself? You’re still a piece of shit. Now, start king rocks, Chief Running Shits

            n. Slang

            A person whose parents were born in the United States and who is considered unfit for the hard physical labor typically performed by those in the country of ancestral origin.

            Yup, that’s you Tonto.

          • Just replying in kind.

        • little short on the lithium today, michael richards?

          • The avatar for this poster is changing quite a bit…. I’m guessing this site’s been infiltrated?

    • DH don’t pay this guy any mind. I’ve noticed his B.S. for a while now. He only serves as an agitator.

      • That’s what happens when someone inhales bath salt crystals for recreation purposes.

        BTW, when I stop by on Wednesday, should I ask to see Go To Hell; or, just look for the tallest guy?

        • Hahaha… Tricky question. Go to hell works just fine. I don’t want to put my name out there. Lol. Come by after 4. That’s when I’ll be in. ok?


      “Italians and Jews are some of the most vile, ethnocentric racists in this city ESPECIALLY the ones in Brooklyn. Many Italians/ South Brooklynites are hard working New Yorkers, but I know ALOT and I mean ALOT of them who are drug addicted spoiled brat, nepotistic children of well to do parents who have NEVER filled out a job application and only get a job because of daddys influence.”

      EXACTLY what part of the HUMAN RACE do you REPRESENT other than Flushing? And since you know A LOT, and I mean A LOT of “them”, ARE you one of these drug addicted spoiled brat, nepotistic (nice choice of word) children? I don’t understand the point that you are trying to make! Are you even familiar with the rich history of Brooklyn (The Village of Breuckelen, named for Breukelen in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands, was authorized by the Dutch West India Company in 1646)? IF you don’t know, I highly recommend you talk to a native NYer, i.e. myself, OR watch Ken Burns NEW YORK: A Documentary Film and learn.

    • Guidos! Gina from da block yo! Da cunah boys or Jersey shore types in Brooklyn fist pumping, tan in a can, hair gell-addict,gold chain wearing,

      Hipster, skinny jeans, non-ethnic whitey pennsyltucky & NY/NJ & AZN-American immigrants to Brooklyn, beardos, PBR’s, flannel shirt, artist,

      All living in the same part of the city!
      Gotta have it.

  2. I think he might be in the other part of Frushing.

  3. This is Roberta’s? Gee I can see why they charge 8 bucks for a pizza the size of an Eggo. I mean – they must must have blown their budget on the decor.

  4. Lips that touch Roberta’s shall never touch mine.

  5. Listen folks, If you want to remove hipsters from NYC, you gottta hit them where it hurts. Their pockets!
    Theyre opening up any bullshit restaurant, antique store and bs all over the place and what they all have in common is they ONLY take cash, no credit. Go to these nasty PBR hipster bars and restaurants, go enmass, do not talk to each other and pay them with fake dollar bills. Once enough fake money circulate in Williamsburg, rents cannot be paid and they will disappear as soon as they arrive.
    Remember, hairspray for texture and do not use anything more than 20 bucks

    • It seems that without our intervention these places still manage to stay in business for quite some time. Then when they do finally pack up, the property is worth so much that no other business will come in. These fucking hipsters are destroying NYC at a rapid rate.

      On a side note, here’s bullshit that reeks of hipsters and helicopter parents. Pat I, I think you’ll find this quote disturbing:

      “i agree. this is supposed to be a community sport where it shows good sportsmanship, not”hey you suck so much i can score against you 100 times!” this is not the NFl. this is supposed to help childrens’ self esteem (playing a sport)
      by mommygraves 3 hours ago Reply Options ”


      • Waiting for Swamp Yankee to unleash the pests……

        • Not on this. The whole point of releasing the pests is to ruin an article that these ass-wipes would normally send to their friends. Once our pity comments our up their their moment in the sun is ruined. They would not dare send the link to their friends in Ohio that are about to embark on their Old Tyme Breuklyn Adventure. My favorite one that swizzle stick that was entering the Barista Olympics or something a while back. I head he took it pretty poorly. Anyway, if you must, there is a pretty intellectual read about the declining job opportunities over at Salon. I like this website in general, and I like this article, but the concept of all millions of “creatives” (the don’t even call them creative types anymore, just “creatives”) were some day going to be able to make a living writing blogs was, and still is, retarded. Good read anyway:

          • Standards! Very cool.

            Makes perfect sense.

          • That article sums up everything that’s wrong with this coddled, uh creative class. Like Willy Loman in “Death of a Salesman”, he can’t accept that he’s just out of date and useless. His skills are a dime a dozen and no-one needs him anymore. Hell, not even a dime, everything is free now, thanks to the Internet.

            The newspapers, bookstores and record shops he talks about are dinosaurs, replaced by free information and free downloads, not to mention youtube, that nobody needs to pay a penny for news anymore. In fact, the range of opinions available on the Intertoobs makes the Times and the Post both obsolete.

            Meanwhile, IT guys like me are laughing all the way to the bank. I have enough work programming Java right now to last me until the Rapture. I have to turn down work that pays more in a month than his blogging gig pays in a year. I don’t even have anyone to pass the work onto anymore. Everyone else I know in the field is working full time and for top dollar. Recession be damned!

            Oh yes. I am the Creative Class motherfucker! Now super-size those fries before I have to kick your ass!

            Next time try putting down the Comparative Literature and pick up a science book. You might learn something useful.

          • Decent article but it shows some of the Warped views and lack of decisionmakng skills of the creative class.

            Record, video stores have been in decline for many years. Downloadable (and sometimes free) music, Netflix, Direct Demand have it all over them. How many times have we gone to the video store
            to get a movie and found out all the copies were rented out? Then there were the late fees, membership cards, etc.

            Gov. Perry. Don’t know much about him, but if Texas has a population of “X” and “Y” number of McDonald’s the population of the state did not grow enough to make a fast food chain open enough franchises to make create thousands of jobs. Sore grapes, me thinks.

            I’m not an artist. I love art. I love to read. But I feel there are far FAR more ‘creative types now than when non-subsidized struggling artists (save for the renaissance) who really did create great or groundbreaking art . We’re thinning down the herd. Call me an idealist but I feel that now more than then creative types want to be famous first and creative second.

            There’s a young man – about 16/17- who’s family owns a local restaurant. Given our weekend schedule we sometimes wind up in there on off hours. I can usually find him in the back booth sketching away. To say this guy’s talent is an undertstatement. He does it all – subsidizes his income by doing murals, brochures, etc., but his talent lies in the classics and he concentrates on comic art. his work is stunning..composition, anatomy. None of this chicken scratch nonsense you see in hipster “graphic novels”. His work is on par with Marvel and Disney’s best.

            But he understands the odds. He makes what some would consider a comfortable living from his art alone. Then he works in the family business. He wants to go to college to study mathematics. He laughs at the tools that move to “creative” areas. His opinion is, “I can be just as creative here. Why move and pay rent to bus tables? I can do that here”. Easels and charcoals are legal in NJ, aren’t they?

            Let’s compare this with the insufferable dickhead who works at the local Gamestop. Whenever I’m in there this guy is constantly whining about the lack of opportunities for his great art and can’t understand why his ‘career” is not taking off. he plans to move to Philadelphia to be “closer to the art scene” (Philadelphia is 20 minutes away). So now – he’s going to be a burden on his parents who will probably subsidise this creative shit stain. What are the chances he”s going to be working at a Gamestop in Philly within the next three months?

            None of these creative types want to pay their dues. writers want to be published – they want that great novel and accolades straight out of school. Heaven forbid they start out covering high school sports for the local paper. Same goes for photographers.

            But saddest are the ones who refuse to give up and put themselves deeper into a hole but finacially and emotionally. Like the writer mentioned in the article the who lost his job and is pouring his savings into a literary magazine. Aren’t these the exact magazines that collect dust in the racks of barnes and Noble?

            My dad wanted to be an engineer. But he had to quit school in 5th grade to help support his family. He came to the USA, immediately start making money and the rest is history. His feeling is tht no matter what profession he chose, hard work is they key and the endresult is the same: House, security and family.

            Anyway..sorry for the long post. I do that sometimes. ..well. all the time.

          • Amen to that. Art isn’t something you learn or teach. It isn’t something that you can make a career out of unless you really try hard and do good work. To that end, it’s not something you should be relying on unless you already know you can make it. Or if you just really like art and don’t care about being poor for it; but these bastards obviously don’t know or care. To them, “art” is just an ego-booster they use to elevate themselves above the rest of the “uneducated” population. It’s all mindless masturbation.

          • You aren’t saying anything I haven’t been saying for years. I quit writing when I finally woke up and realized that for the crap I was writing, there was no market. None. I didn’t decide “Hey, why don’t I publish my own magazine to print my crap?”, the way a lot of my contemporaries did. I quit, save for a couple of relapses when I was actually offered cash. Even then, it wasn’t worth it: I made the mistake of taking an assignment for the SyFy Channel as a favor for a friend, and finally got paid nearly six months later only after I threatened to out the persona phone numbers and E-mail addresses of every executive at SyFy.

            The prob lem with a lot of these “wanting to get closer to the art scene” gimps, Pat, is that they don’t really want to be writers or artists. They want the perks that they think writers and artists get for being such cool people, preferably without having to work for them. I used to deal with them all of the time: the “writers” who spent all of their time at the local bookstore or at literary conventions, endlessly namedropping their inspirations or going on and on about their upcoming novels. Amazingly, though, they always had an excuse as to why nobody could see samples of their work. The worst offenders always ended up working at bookstores, so they could yammer about their latest writer’s retreat at Ropewalk or Yaddo to anybody dumb or slow enough not to escape at the first opportunity.

            Now, for all of the noises about its surging arts community, Dallas is incredibly hostile to real artists. Oh, we have plenty of the know-nothings prancing about at gallery showings, but that’s because they’re subsidized by helicopter parents upset that the rest of the world hasn’t discovered them. If you aren’t part of the special crowd, which almost always included having gone to school at Southern Methodist University, you have almost no chance of getting into most galleries in the area. That’s the good news. I know a lot of damn good artists in this city, and they’re not bitching about how they’re just not being given a chance. They’re creating on their own, while working full-time jobs that have nothing to do whatsoever with their artistry. Instead of hanging out at hipster bars, bragging about how they bumped into another flash-in-the-pan six weeks earlier, they’re at home, working. They’re stronger artists for it.

            Back twenty years ago, I had several friends take off to New York, on the idea that they needed to be closer to “the scene”. Most came back, and one killed herself, when they all realized that they were subject to the same cliques and the same hostilities they faced in Dallas. They’re now stronger artists for having come back, because they understand now it’s not where you’re creating, but that you are creating. If they can make it in Dallas, they can make it anywhere, so why the hell would they want to leave?

          • Oh, and I’ve got something to say for Joe Donnelly, who’s blowing his savings to make that literary magazine: fuck you. the LA Weekly, along with the rest of the Village Voice/New Times media empire, was notorious for using and abusing freelancers and low-level staffers, and editors and deputy editors regularly masturbated on their peons and told them “Looks like snow: catch it with your tongue.” Now that they’re the ones out of work, though, they don’t like it one little bit. (Considering the number of New Times editors and assistant editors I knew who’d shove their way into conversations at parties with sneers of “You, OF COURSE, know who I am, don’t you?”, I imagine that a lot of people remember Joe. He’ll probably get a few peons who figure he won’t fuck them up the ass and then wipe his dick on the good curtains this time, and things will be happy for about a month. Then when the people doing the most work discover that the only people getting paid for their work are Editorial and close personal friends of the editor, and that everyone else is expected to work twice as hard for no pay “until we’re profitable,” it’ll all implode. If this literary magazine is still around in a year, it’ll be because some rich asshole will be subsidizing it in exchange for his getting a regular weekly column and top billing on the front cover every issue.)

      • Fuck you and your non-competitive, beta male-spawning, self esteem is important because my kid sucks at any type of activity except making pasta art bullshit. Life is all about competition.

      • All I can say is thank God my eight year old’s swim coaches are old school. He just got bumped up and the practices have become somewhat brutal (4X a week, 90 minutes per.. I hope my son doesn’t quit before he gets used to it). The coaches don’t fuck around – they already thrown two kids off the team – they’re thinning down the herd.

        The thing is- kids are getting kicked off for not paying attention and fucking around. The coaches demand you show up 15 minutes early, ready to go. The bleachers are supposed to be orderly with nothing on the deck. All they ask is that the kids try their best and do what they say. That’s it. All the kids know how to swim – but know is when they develop character, competitiveness and a work ethic.

        Like I said two kids got kicked off which means two sets of helicopter parents are going to sue or make life miserble for upper management.

        One set of parents pleaded with the coach. They finally pulled out their ace:

        “..but..But..he has special needs”..


        Ouch. The other set of parents confronted the coach and said he was too hard their son (warm ups are 300m)…that he was eroding his SELF ESTEEM. The guy makes me laugh. he smiled at them and said, “in order for your kid to have self esteem he has to accomplish something first, got it?.

        Then he yelled at my son: BREATHING IS OVERRATED! KICK!

        this is the guy who arranged to have a team of current/former SEALs to train the 16 year-18 year olds for a week.

        These parents are the fucking worst. And now we have anti-bullying laws in NJ. Are you bullied? Well heck Noah, just pick up the phone and call the cops. yes…A kid can call the cops for having his books knocked to the floor and get the cops involved. Wonderful. The bullied are now the bullied. Thank you NJ legislators, for giving us a news crop of entitlement douches.

        • The school officials gotta start doing something as well. I fought back against bullies larger and in more numbers which ended with me getting hauled by the police back to my school (St John’s Prep in Astoria) where I was suspended and then expelled. The bullies had been suspended as well but since I was the victor, I was the only one who faced expulsion.

          At least the criminal charges on me were dropped. I had taken a public trash can to deal with 2 of them and the other two were based on shit my dad made me learn. The school said I over reacted because it was only meant to be a freshman hazing. Fuck them assholes. This was the end of me going to private school as my parents, after beating my ass as well, didn’t see the reimbursement for tuition.

          Forget the cops. If the kid fights back, let him walk away with no punishment. If he loses, have the fucking school deal with the bully’s parents (if he’s reamed bad enough).

          • Yes, the beating from my parents made me think of the ramifications of defending myself. Thankfully this incident does not have to be disclosed to the police recruiter as I was only 14.

          • Oh the leeches are already out with the anti-bullying thing. Companies are scrambling to get inon the action, seminars, training sessions, manuals at 300 dollars a pop.

            I firmly believe that 25 years of coddling bullshit is the root of school violence. In my day you met out in a predesignated area (every school has one) threw your punches and when one guy went down it was over. Point made. Many times the fact the you stood up to a bully was enough to put the guy off.

            I always tell my kid to walk away from trouble. Words don’t mean shit. But if he hits you – put him down. he knows he will never get in trouble with us for defending himself and is aware that this won’t be the case with the school.

          • Shit, the worst bullies at my old school were always the kids of helicopter parents. They knew they could do whatever they wanted, because Mommy would threaten legal action. I knew one such slob who was a high school freshman who liked slapping down sixth-graders at the bus stop. My little brother cleaned his clock the first time he tried, and then we learned why nobody else stood up to him. After about four lawyer’s calls to the school and to my parents, my little brother was the one punished for fighting back, and not once did anyone ask the freshman “Is your penis so tiny that you have to take out everything on kids half your size?”

  6. I present to you Jillian… She reviewed Roberta’s on Yelp.com.

    I’m really torn about whether to give Roberta’s three or four stars. So let’s think through my options, shall we?

    Why I’d Give Roberta’s Three Stars:

    1. The pizza is good. Just good. In New York City, that’s not good enough.
    2. I’m not a vegetarian, but I think the menu could use a few more vegetarian options.
    3. My boyfriend and I definitely had the most un-hip haircuts in the room.

    Why I’d Give Roberta’s Four Stars:

    1. The bibb lettuce with cranberry vinaigrette, walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese was awesome in a totally unexpected way.
    2. The atmosphere is wonderful. As I sat on a barrel in the backyard tiki bar, drinking a Six Point beer, I almost forgot about my constant post-college “what am I going to do with my life?” pants-shitting terror. Thanks, Roberta’s!
    3. My boyfriend and I definitely had the most un-hip haircuts in the room.

    I’m a sucker for a great atmosphere (and anything that makes me forget the crazed neuroses in my brain). Four stars it is.

    Now…after reading comment 2 under “four stars”:

    This chick has 92 reviews on Yelp. NINETY TWO. And they are around a day or so apart. So you don’t know what you’re going to do with your life which means your major probably means nada on the open market and your doing squat. But you have time to write 92 reviews? And what sort of urban adventurist can afford to go to out to eat at least once a day…and then there are the bar and salon reviews.

    (said while twirling hair on finger) “daddy ah umm…. it’s Jilly. Ummm like I know I like said I hate you because you were so cheap to not like buy me a rilly cute Fiat Cinquecento that like no one in the cuty has yet…Yah..I know I hurt you but I have a real problem…like thars this rilly kewl hot restaurant that opened up that’s so hip it’s in an abandoned subway station!!! Yah!!! Like the waiters come through the turnstiles and everything! it’s so urban! The food is Northern Africa pan asian neofrench classical and it’s cooked by two angolan lesbians in a bathtub!!! Is that soo cool or what? Anyhooo i need money because like this palce is rilly, RILLY priceyyy annnnnnnd the rents due so can can you send me….yah (rolls eyes)..I KNOW… Ya…you sent me a 12,000 check last week but do you know how much a decent blowout costs?!?! And my daily artisanal olive oil ice cream sundae and Kopi Luwak latte…but…but….(crying) you are sooo MEAN!! I DO BUDGET MYSELF! HOW DO YOU THINK I CAN BUY MY COFFEE AND ICE CREAM EVERY DAY?? ….You just don’t understand…I know you’re 75 and want to retire..but can you just ONCE stop thinking of yourself….Oh boohooo you took a second mortgage..big…big deal jerk off..I gave up the chance to go Burning man because of that stupid job you got me…Pffftt…assistant to the mayor…Yah…like that’s gonna put my MAster’s in Renaissance Puppetry to good use…..


    “Thank you daddy!…love you lots..Byeeee1

    • I will mount an assault on Roberta’s and, in a totally unexpected way, pistol whip anyone chomping on the bibb lettuce with cranberry vinaigrette, walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese with a handcrafted, vintage, fair trade wooden rolling pin. Then, I will hunt down Jillian and beat her to death with a hardbound copy of all her Yelp! reviews. End of story.

      • Actully Joe. I make the same exact salad. I just don’t make my guests wait 2 hours to eat it and no one confueses my domicle with a crack house.

        • The difference is that your house isn’t a faux pizzeria located in a condemned former machine shop and decorated like “Ye Aulde Grogg Shoppe, Hummusthorpe Ffucke, Prop.”

      • Maybe we both should go in, sit at the bar and I can ask you to” go get your fuckin’ shinebox”. I’ll duck and you can take it from there…

        • You talkin’ to me?

          MOTHERFUCKIN’ MUTT!!!!!!!!

          I used to go to The Spartan, on Grand Ave. in Maspeth, in the mid-eighties to the early nineties. The “Surf & Turf” was pretty good. No more shine box. No more Spartan, either.


      “There is a perception that those who support the Occupy Wall Street protests are of a particular persuasion: patchouli-crusted recent Wesleyan grads who tap on Macbooks while groaning about “corporations.”

      Those publicity stills for a freak show have captured the essence of every fucking stereotype one could possibly have when thinking about what king of loser is setting up camp downtown. Sam “Me so” Horine managed, with those thirteen mugshots, to contradict his own argument.

      I bet brainwashed Little Sam, from Queens, will be starting his sexual reassignment therapy soon because his same-sex mommies convinced him he really does want to be a girl.

    • Every thing has to be a god damned photoshoot with these people

      • They have this look as if they don’t want to work any job. They look like they want to be paid for just showing up and doing as they please. I can say that because I couldn’t walk more than 3 blocks in Manhattan and not see a Help Wanted or We’re Hiring sign. Chase is the biggest amongst them… oh wait, it’s an evil bank.

        What did they use to take the picture with? Every product we have is a result of capitalism and the pursuit of more monies. Apple is the biggest manipulator of this and yet they all have MacBooks, iPhones and iPods. They’re taking up space and blocking or delaying people from getting to work which causes that person to lose pay. What fucking assholes.

        • I work in Downtown Brooklyn and last week I saw a line of about 200 young people lined up in front of Chase at 2 Metrotech Center. Then I saw the sign “Welcome Chase New Hires!”. So we know Chase is hiring, and in big numbers. Good first job about of school, but like I said, the hipsters want to be paid $45 an hour as a Barista. That’s a temporary job, not a career

          • Maybe the hipsters don’t want a job that requires them to look decent. Good on those new hires. I’m sure they did their best to get that job. It pisses me off that the news is constantly spouting gloom and doom which causes the uninitiated to do what they do best… complain about not getting any shared wealth.

  7. Just finished reading the Brooklyn Paper…Still a good community paper but there are infestations

    page 39.. Brooklyn Kickball results! The Brooklyn Paper is a great source for HS football news and their sports section devotes a page to a kickball league? Really, this is news?!? I don’t want to read about how Team Mellencamp (yes was one of the team names) is doing! I know it is just a social league, what do I know.

    Then there was another article, which was fine, but one phrase in the article pissed me off which said “….especially those in yet-to-be gentrified areas…” I guess that is code for “sketchy” where the “pioneers” are starting to lay down roots where the “ethnics” live.

  8. I was reading about the Wall Street DAY OF RAAAAAAAAAAAGE!, and something interesting caught my eye:

    “I saw a girl get slammed on the ground. I turned around and started screaming,” said Chelsea Elliott, 25, from Greenpoint, Brooklyn …”


    And here’s Chelsea’s Facebook page, complete with her professional headshot, depicting her defiantly giving her finger — two of them, actually — to The Man, who’s keeping her down.


    We also learn that she attended an exclusive private Catholic school for white children in Billings, Montana. Maybe that’s why she’s so full of RAAAAAAAAGE!? The schoolbus ride from Brooklyn to Billings, Montana must have been a bitch.

    Or maybe it’s the fact that she is gainfully employed as a “director of photography”, at something called “Bang Bang New York”, which describes itself as a “creative boutique” — whatever the hell that’s supposed to be?

    I imagine the 18-hour days standing in front of the hydraulic presses at a “creative boutique” for 15 cents and hour, and the regular beatings by the Pinkerton’s men might also fill her with giving-the-camera-the-finger RAAAAAAAAAAGE!!1!

    Predictably, her “employer” has a web site with a blog. There are a couple of bonus videos, and they proudly declare, “OUR VERY OWN CHELSEA ELLIOTT IS KICKING SO MUCH ASS !”

    Uh, yeah, if you call taking a face full of pepper-spray and whining about it “kicking ass”. Where I come from, we call that an “own goal”.

    Oh, but it gets better.

    A few paragraphs later, direct from central casting, I come across this:

    “I was shocked because it seemed like one person after another was being brutally tackled, and it wasn’t clear why,” said Meaghan Linick, 23, from Greenpoint, Brooklyn …”

    Naturally, Meaghan is exactly what you were expecting: a shrieking, bubble-headed leftist, and a blue-ribbon, pride-o’ the-farm cankle spaniel.

    Here’s an intensely tedious 11-minute video where Meaghan rambling explaing her “political views”, and ending? every? phrase? with a question mark?


    Photos of Meaghan “smashing the system”:




    It looks like there’s nothing Meaghan *won’t* protest!

    (Actually, the entire page is a photo album of neo-Marxist circus freaks. If you value your eyesight, I wouldn’t pursue it.)

    A final thought on my report — The idea of hitting a woman usually disgusts me. But that’s how my parents raised me. However, after doing a little research, I’m filled with an overwhelming urge to punch these two smug, entitled, narcissistic bints in the mouth.

    • Bang Bang New York? What is it? Why its:
      “Bang Bang New York is a continuously evolving creative boutique composed of an ever-expanding group of creative talent based in New York City. Bang Bang was founded upon the simple principle of building client relationships by listening first, questioning second and then responding with innovative solutions that connect and resonate. We are a wide-ranging creative team that moves swiftly and effectively from concept to execution using a combination of cutting edge and tried and true techniques.

      Our process features an interdisciplinary approach to strategy, design, execution and communication that strives to deliver a long lasting solution for our clients- breaking through communication clutter and having their messages heard and remembered. Are you still reading this? Did you know that an enquiry means to ask a question, and an inquiry is a formal investigation? The more you know.”

      So, if you read this is says absolutely nothing. They are 3 people who all gave themselves the title of “Director”. It doesn’t seem they do anything, or produce anything, it’s just a masturbatory fantasy of a business. It seems they have some video clips and fonts. Lots of different fonts. Sometimes they put them on a logo. I looked for contact info but they only allow you to get on a mailing list. So, whatever they do, one can’t contact them to have them do it for me.

      • They specialize in vague generalities. It’s a virtual business run from the living rooms of the three “creative directors” located in………SURPRISE!…..Billburg.

        I ran across their site in July while trawling the web. I emailed them a bullshit letter (It’s, like so kewl that Google Mail let’s you fabricate all kinds of alternate identities) explaining that I was an experimental post-industrial conceptual multi-media events artist (I tried to think of a implausible title), currently living in Greenpoint. I asked them if I would be able to contract their cutting edge sevices for some upcoming projects I have planned. I explained that, after reading their descriptive and extremely detailed overview of the services provided, I was positive that they were the perfect combination of innovation and creative energy which would guarantee the success of my soon to be thought about visions.(that’s exactly how I worded it). I received a reply from Ursula Mann saying the directors and staff of BBNY were delighted that I made the right decision to contact them. She went on to say that the team felt that my project (which I never mentioned) would be a creative challenge they were ready to tackle. I was asked to meet with the team on Wednesday, July 13 2:30 P.M. at, of all places, The Dumont, so that we can engage in a consultative dialogue on pusuing a watertight (what the hell is that supposed to mean) strategy to ensure a successful implementation of my ideas (they must know more about this bogus project than I do). What utter horseshit! I responded by indicating that i would be there, ready to tap their creative juices.

        I wonder if they waited a long time.

    • The New School is the epitome of Neo-Marxist millionaire liberals who’s parents pay through the nose to immerse their little darlings in a virtual 1960s. The place always seems to be bursting out on the street to protest something no-one else in the world even cares about. They make me sick.

      Remember that Bob Kerrey dude a few years back? Somebody outed him as the commander who ordered some massacre of a village in Vietnam. Then he made a boo-hoo-hoo speech in front of his limousine liberal audience and got to keep his tenure as president.

      Yeah, that’s New School liberalism for you.


    • It would be great if someone got the photo of Meaghan protesting and photoshop the sign…anyone…anyone?

      Forget about the placards for a second you can tell she’s a “pride-o-the-farm cankle spaniel (oh lord that’s precious!) by:

      Constantly changing hair color. CHECK

      Breasts tucked into her belt? CHECK

      IS the only time she’s smiling is when she’s arrested? CHECK

      I’d love to see what her parents are like. I sure they’re gosh down proud of her in Wortbucket, Idaho! They haven’t had a celebrity since Quaid Huskergoo made assistant night manager at COld Cow.

      This wastrel is going to be a joy in the years to come. Rudderless, already marginal looks fading like used Neutragena, Aconga line of ex-boyfriends, no real career and retirement on the distant horizon this sperm dumpster is gonna make Jeanine garafalo look like Anita Bryant.

  9. “There is a perception that those who support the Occupy Wall Street protests are of a particular persuasion: patchouli-crusted recent Wesleyan grads who tap on Macbooks while groaning about “corporations.”

    This comment is fucking spot on!
    The Fucktards spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on Mac Products!
    Apple is the second largest corporation by market cap and these dumbfucks are protesting!
    Mayor Bloomberg you wanted Gentrification, you got it, right in your face homie.
    I can’t wait for the tear gassing to start!

    The What (Peace to Diehipster)
    Someday this war is gonna end…

  10. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ry0t1sJOGbo&w=560&h=315%5D

    They can’t help it. This is the kind of shit they grew up believing is pizza. I had the displeasure of having a Mazzio’s pizza thrust upon me a few years ago. No mozzarella. Romano in its place. It was disgusting.

    So of course places like Roberta’s are going to pop up. These people can’t handle real pizza.

  11. Alternate picture captions:

    1.) Place I’d like to go to eat

    2.) Place I’d like to report to the city health inspectors

    • 3) Place where your waiter is will most likely ask, “does this look infected to you?”

      4) place where waitress will have menu tattooed on her midsection (where you see something called “MOLA” until cank-leen stretches her flab out and you see it’s actually “MOZZARELLA”.

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  13. These protesters think they’re the fucking Freedom Riders.

    I read that there was a fake Radiohead concert announcement to lure more of them to the protests.


    Hipsters = masculine women, emasculated men with ZERO game. Luckily the women are easy to game – just amp up the sarcasm and negs.

  14. I would love to go down to Wall Street and show my support by bringing the protesters the following items:


    Oh and Shampoo, conditioner, soap, nail clippers, my $5 off coupon from DSW, pliers (to help remove the excessive use of piercings), hair clippers (a must), moisturizer, garbage bags (to fill with the crap they call clothing), ENSURE, oh-OH–and…wait for it…wait for it:



    look at these two restaurants? I mean you really want to eat at that shitbag place on the top- eating silicone based mozzeralla cheese served up by some greasy asshole who just got out of jail for indecent exposure?

    HIPSTER IS UR OWN FAULT FUCKERS! you let your communities become mockers of a sham and now this is what you get assholes. Try moving somewhere where real americans live, like Arizona for instance.

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