Attention Pulitzer Prize winning coffee shop blogging uniquesters! I am about to make your lives so much easier. (As if you don’t have it easy enough already having your expenses paid by your parents well into your 30’s) There is now a website that will generate paragraph after paragraph of insanely unique, zany, and quirky verbiage for your blog. Like yah. Here is an example that I just generated:

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P.S. – If any snarky rent-raising hipster fuck wants to try and say [begin nasalness] “Like yah, but this is a blog so you are a hipster too! [end nasalness] WRONG FUCKO! This is a complaint board. This is a legal way to crush your fucking skull. This is how you know we hate you. I do not write about MYSELF, cupcakes, artisanal food, shitty music, fashion, and hipster community events. Do I? No I don’t.

So here is that website –