Here’s another installment of Fishing for Hipsters where I place a fake ad on Craigslist and post the desperate douchy replies on here. I’m going to have to change it up next time, I think. I get less responses than I used to. Maybe word got around the hipster community to be aware of not becoming a Fishing for Hipsters victim on Maybe hipsters have moved on to real dating sites as opposed to Craigslist? I actually posted a totally different kind of ad a few months ago in the Community/Arts section or something like that saying I was holding an adult finger painting contest in McCarren park and there would be plenty of organic snacks but you had to write a letter explaining why you, your art and lifestyle were helping Brooklyn thrive. I think I got only one response as I guess more people hound the personals. Anyway here is what I posted:

A partner in the Shwick? – 29 (Billy/Shwick)

Date: 2011-08-02, 7:34AM EDT
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Hello potential scruffy boy.

I have arrived in the artistic wonderland of Brooklyn, New York after reading many a blog post and speaking with many friends. I moved from Michigan last month and am in the process of purchasing a small building in East Billy/Shwick to convert into a center for arts along with a rooftop garden for the community of artists. I would love to meet a super artsy, scruffy, talented, urban hot mess of a man to partner with for love, life,fun times, urban exploration and for help with this venture and bringing culture to Brooklyn. Serious replies only. And please tell me about yourself in some length. I won’t reply to “hey baby, got a pic?” or penis shots.




Here were some of the responses:


Though I assume that your inbox is most likely flooded with hordes of
applications from eager suitors, I slightly suspect that the quality is less
than tempting.

I am 6’4″ 210 lbs. Sans tattoos, though heavily steeped in both wit & charm. .
or at least clever discordancy. Dreadfully poor at math. My velcro-wallet was
a mere 2$. I attempt to cook a gourmet meal nearly every night. Dive bars own
my heart. I am out in LES usually every night that I am out, and I am much less
interested in factitiously chichi venues as I am with the quiet elegance of presence. . .
Feel free to respond, lest of course, my asininity delivers me
straight to the bottom of the stack. I live and paint in Chelsea.


Okay Megan I’ll play! I live in B-wick with 3 crazy roommates. All ladies, messy lady’s in fact. It’s Brooklyn so we’re all crazy and everyone wants to be an artist. I do mixed media and just had a show last week. I get bored at work and search craigslist and I saw your ad, It sounded pretty great actually and even the fact I’ve never answered an ad before I figure if we don’t find one another attractive we could still do art together!
Don’t be crazy I promise I’m not.


Hey -

You sound great.  Art and rooftop gardening – love it.  Those are a
couple of my spheres of interest also – especially art.

  I live in Bushwick.  I’m a photographer.

I’m from Vancouver.  Like it.  I belong to a
community garden and have belonged to a CSA – just today arranged
for another one.
How’s the arts center coming?



I’m not a hipster but I am definitely the scruffy artist type.  I run a creative arts based program in bushwick and also work in education in bushwick. 
Aside from that I am an artist and musician myself and would love to get to know you better.  Tell me about you. Trade pics?


This is funny. I actually live in East Williamsburg. I am a artist/performer of sorts and I own a small building. I have a vacancy right now and I’m desperately trying to rent it, so I’ve been on craigslist almost everyday for a few weeks. I saw your post and felt compelled to respond.
Anyway, I make my living as a musician, I’m really not that scruffy, but I feel I have lived most of my life outside of the status quo by being undercover and keeping a low profile. The energy in our neighborhood is pretty awesome and it keeps getting better. I’ve actually lived out here since 2001 and I can’t believe how much things have changed.
Good luck with your endeavors and write me back if you would like to know more about me. I would like to hear more about you too.
take care, N



 I’m a brazilian artist, who like most of other artist have a day job.(jobs!) :D
I’ve been in the US since 2000, have lived in Williamsburg/Greenpoint area for about 6 years, before moving to England and France (2007).
Have worked as DJ, building props for commercials/music videos, stage design, painter, carpenter, events designer,  as well as worked on my own music, painting, silk screening, etc.
I liked your ad not only ’cause you sound very energetic, enthusiastic, passionate and idealistic about arts and community. I believe I’m like that too…
I also love bike riding, walking, cooking, writing/reading, gardening, building “things”, remodeling/construction houses…
What part of Brooklyn are you? What do you love the most in NYC? Do you wear glasses? What’s your sign? :D
Hope hear back from you…
love, peace and harmony!



go back to Michigan, or Detroit more specifically. you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, i promise. Brooklyn doesn’t need any more people like you.