Hmm, let’s see. You move to Brooklyn for a couple of years out of your upper middle class tree house in Cul-De-Sac county where you played your kazoo all day while munching on Mommy’s home made Rice Krispy treats and you’re now a Brooklyn Dodgers fan? A team that hasn’t been here for 50 years? Because you watched an entire Dodgers ’55 World Series in a ‘craft beer’ bar in gentrified Brooklyn on your precious Macbook that Daddy bought you to be NYC’s next top graphics designer/coffee gopher? GO FUCK YOURSELVES YOU FUCKING SHEEP!

Link - Williamsburg Hipsters now Brooklyn Dodger fans.


I can’t tell if this is real or a joke but judging by the extemely punchable James Franco and his child molester moustache I’m thinking it’s real. Franco has started a ( a website mainly full of meaningless projects started by talentless hipsters with unlimited amounts of leisure time) project called the MONA (Museum Of Non-Visible Art). It seems to be all about appreciating invisible art. I wouldn’t put this idea past any hipster to be honest. I mean, since “everything” from the sidewalk to the dog shit on the sidewalk is now officially art thanks to hipsters, I guess “nothing” is now also art. So for $20, they will send you a title card and then according to the MONA - “the rest is up to you”. To be quite honest, this scam is even better the Ye Olde Ten Dollar Masturbation Bros. Chocolate Bars.

Link - James Franco makes invisible art.