Fishing for hipsters is when I place an ad on Craigslist as a zany and quirky girl who just pioneered into Brooklyn and get responses from other hipsters looking for love.

Here was my ad:

Quirky F 4 Quirky M – 29 (WBurg/Bushwick)

Date: 2011-01-28, 10:16AM EST


I’m quirky and eccentric yet I can be tranquil and sedated. My fav activities range from gallery hopping to hide and seek to reading 17th century poetry to vintage clothes shopping to cooking yummy vegan dishes to rooftop films and much much more. I’ve been in Brooklyn for 8 months and I love the vibrant creative young adult scene it has to offer. Please have similar interests and live in the area. Describe yourself. I’m white, thin, heavily tattooed, 2 piercings, I work parttime in a healthfood store and host some nights in a new and up and coming restaurant in Bushwick. I totes hope I meet a great and creative boy on here.

  • Location: WBurg/Bushwick

And here were just some of the responses I got:

just moved to the area extremely bored….enough to look on craigslist…….24 smart insomniac inked…attractive definitely hardcore nerd (well disguised through vulgar confidence)…engineer w/ great job…….reads excessively…cooks exquisitely…lets go from there…


Maybe you’re looking for me: into all you mentioned (except not a vegan), creative, somewhat quirky boy. Used to work as a sound engineer, have played in various kinds of bands (one of the pics is from an old band), and currently in grad school for poli-sci/econ. In Bushwick as well.
Also me: single, white, tall, thin, tattooed, 32, glasses wearing, writer.

Write back if you’re interested.


There are a few things that are important if we’re going to meet. First, please be 30-33. I want to go out with someone more than once. I want to go out with a white girl. You should not have a regular 9-5, but you should keep yourself busy and be able to afford to do things sometimes. I’m looking for someone who I enjoy staying in with and not spending money together and also someone to buy flowers and other spontaneous things for. I’m athletic. I usually get 50 push-ups out of the way before I’m really awake yet.

Whenever I really think about it, I have lots of excuses why I don’t need a girl in my life, but when I really think about it, it would be good for me. This city is easier to do when you have someone to kiss. I need a girlfriend in my life who will let me and who wants someone to take care of her. It would be good if she rode a bike. The snow kept me home this morning, but I rod to breakfast yesterday. I’m tall with a shaved head and blue eyes. Scruffy short face hair. Sometimes I wear glasses. Tattoo on wrist and arm.

I hesitate to give myself the title of Artist, but I design, I draw, I write. I make things. I’m a generally creative person who lives in Brooklyn and survives without doing anything I don’t want to do. Let’s get together and talk about whatever you’re working on right now. I enjoy fine weed and strong coffee. Put that as the subject of your email. I look forward to getting together,

My name is Reed.


I just read your ad on craigslist and I am interested in getting to know you. I am a 26 year old thin male who lives in Manhattan and works as a freelance writer, mostly in Northern Brooklyn. And just like everyone else in this city I would like to eventually be able to live of my creative endeavors. I’m new to this type of dating so I don’t really know what to expect. You seem like you would be right up my alley though. Let me know what you think.


You read 17th Century poetry and like vintage clothing.  I am reading Caeser’s history of the Gallic Wars.  Who is more anachronistic?


handsome fit conservative bohemian/hedonist here in downtown manhattan. you sound like too much fun and frankly ive developed a weakness for inked up hotties with arty proclivities. i have no tattoos myself, missed the boat. but your company seems like it would be not at all a bad thing. pls send pics.