Link -If Hipsters Were Superheroes

About a year ago I was going to do a parody of the Incredible Hulk but never did. These people made the Hulk too hulkish to be a hipster.

My story was going to be that a nice, normal, non-pretentious and non-artsy, big and strong ex-college football player came to Brooklyn to hold some kind of working class job and blend in with society. Upon his arrival though he accidentally was exposed to something toxic or radio active. (Something like the Greenpoint oil spill, Gowanus Canal toxins, or a malfunctioning Apple product.)

From there on, he would continue to lead a normal non-pretentious Brooklyn life until he got angry where he would transform and shrink down from a big and strong guy into a little green string bean with arms and legs and act ironic and pioneering while  hanging out with actual hipster douches. And so on and so on…