I keep receiving more and more photos from hipsters proving they’ve been a part of Brooklyn for generations and generations. Here are a few more for now:


Here we see Megan Bedbuggler entering the first Taqueria in Greenpoint in 1928 to get some authentico el tack-ose day pollose cone organico kayso. She was very stylish with her faux-fur coat and $40 American Apparel leg warmers.

Moving on to the next photo circa 1910 in Bushwick we see the first ever BodegaDelivery.com vehicle driven by Toby Taylor a.k.a Chuck as his pioneering buddies would call him. He is seen here posing with a truck load of sustainable hummus made from local chick peas and freshly distilled absinthe for the incredibly artistic community to devour.

And finally we come to the Mast Bros. original shoppe in Bushwick in 1920. This photo was snapped just before filthy, itchy, lice infested beards were in style amongst the pseudo artisanal, creative, sheepishly uniformed types. As you can see they had not yet come up with the idea of sailing in cacao beans from distant lands and making chocolate. This idea would come about in the mid-1930′s. At this point in time they were only selling local fruit and vegetables at discount prices such as 3 peaches for $15.00 or 3 pears for $20.00 or a jar of strawberry jam for $30.00. By 1934 their chocolate making operation was in full swing and the hard working people of Brooklyn were practically vacuuming up the chocolate at a mere $9.00 a bar.