Old Brooklyn Hipster Photos

I keep receiving more and more photos from hipsters proving they’ve been a part of Brooklyn for generations and generations. Here are a few more for now:


Here we see Megan Bedbuggler entering the first Taqueria in Greenpoint in 1928 to get some authentico el tack-ose day pollose cone organico kayso. She was very stylish with her faux-fur coat and $40 American Apparel leg warmers.

Moving on to the next photo circa 1910 in Bushwick we see the first ever BodegaDelivery.com vehicle driven by Toby Taylor a.k.a Chuck as his pioneering buddies would call him. He is seen here posing with a truck load of sustainable hummus made from local chick peas and freshly distilled absinthe for the incredibly artistic community to devour.

And finally we come to the Mast Bros. original shoppe in Bushwick in 1920. This photo was snapped just before filthy, itchy, lice infested beards were in style amongst the pseudo artisanal, creative, sheepishly uniformed types. As you can see they had not yet come up with the idea of sailing in cacao beans from distant lands and making chocolate. This idea would come about in the mid-1930′s. At this point in time they were only selling local fruit and vegetables at discount prices such as 3 peaches for $15.00 or 3 pears for $20.00 or a jar of strawberry jam for $30.00. By 1934 their chocolate making operation was in full swing and the hard working people of Brooklyn were practically vacuuming up the chocolate at a mere $9.00 a bar.


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    • Unbelievable.
      What’s really sad is that if this happened here, “Yonathan” would sue the city for the “unwarented stop”, and the city would settle because the City and County prosecutors all know that any Minneapolis jury has the potential to be 60% hiptard and it’s cheaper to give josh 100,000 or more than to let him get the full 650,000 or whatever he would ask for.

    • What a fucking scumbag. I wonder if he would have acted like such a snarky, snotty bitch if he hit someone that would have kicked his punkass.

      • That is heartbreaking. the fact that this wrong way speeding punk escaped without a leg-breaking head-cracking beating make me question my faith, but only for a moment. There is justice. The miserable punk will be dead from a heroin overdose within 2 years.

      • On top of video taping his little ride through the city – notice how this douchebag is riding his bike with one fucking hand because it looks like his right hand is holding some kind of girly shopping bag. Must contain a $15 organic, locally made piece of peanut brittle from ye olde specialty shoppe.

        • I’ve seen this video a few times now posted a few places, and I still want to punch that bike riding hipster right in his mouth.
          Yeah, you’re really tough when you run into an old man who’s not going to defend himself. Run into ME and see what happens, fucker.
          I’ve said it a million times so you’d think I’d believe it by now but I STILL can’t believe the arrogance and straight up disrespect that so many of these hip-types have every single day of the year.
          I don’t just want to punch this tool, but I want to smack his parentls too…

          • What a double douche bag, WTF! “carry on” f u u flyover state fuck, the victim was nice enough to ask if he was ok…”u weren’t using the crosswalk”? jeez, the next time I see one these dumb asses riding in the wrong direction or worse on the sidewalk with their fakin bacon and their organic dumpster food……

      • From my own personal experiences i can honestly say that these bike riders know exactly who they talk shit to. they try to act all hood and stuff with people that look dumb or defenseless but on the other hand they tuck their tails underneath their legs and keep walking when they really encounter someone who can give them a beating or worse.

        • Yup. I had a very similar experience as the wrong way vid above, only the guy missed me by a hair after I danced like Cassius Clay. He was a typical “fixie” leisure-class piece of shit riding his toy around on a weekday while people like me were coming home from work. I stopped and cursed his mother and whole family. He just kept riding but turned back every two seconds to stare like he was tough.

          • He wasn’t staring like he was tough. He was terrified that you were going to chase after him and break every bone in his emaciated body. He’d only turn and comment after he knew for a fact that there was no way in hell that you could catch him.

      • I’m surprised how cordial this was. The older man acknowledges he was wrong by not using the crosswalk. He brushes himself off and moves on.

        Meanwhile the rider doesn’t even apologize or acknowledge that he was riding against traffic with a camera in his hand, his tone implies that it was ALL the older mans fault.

        If the older man sued for $$$ for injuries, I think the jury would assign 80% fault to the rider.

        Why he posted this video is beyond me.

    • I really really can’t stand those critical mass bike riders. The entitlement they believe they have is sickening.

      • At least once per month, I get some well-meaning friend or relative who tells me all about this and assumes that I want to join in. I finally blew up and said that I’d sooner get a hot Clorox enema. My mom wasn’t happy with that description, but it worked.

      • They really do represent the type of self-absorbed, entitled, and disrespectful behavior that possess all these worthless vermin that we hate. Why do they have to gather in city streets in the middle of rush hour when every big city in the country has miles of beautiful countryside to ride through? I guess we all know the answer to that one.

        • Yep. It’s not enough that they have to put on a big show in public. It’s that they have to stop everyone and force them to watch. It’s no different from when they’d crash their parents’ parties when they were five and insist that everyone come down to the basement and watch their puppet shows with the Avon bubble bath bottles.

  1. The earlier Mast Brothers look slightly gayer than the current ones!

  2. DH: Your Photoshopping skills and font selections are getting better. You should consider a career change to “Font Specialist”. Brooklyn needs more of those.

    • LOL Bill. Thanks I think I got lucky. Sometimes my horrible photo shopping has made the pictures look even funnier to me and also makes it clear that I can’t possible be a hipster or font specialist. Not that you need to be an Ohio born hipster to be good with photo shop but it does lead one to believe one could be. You though Bill have skills. Your Matt Gross collection was amazing.

      • Speaking of Matt Gross, I was in one of NE’s classic old bars turned hipster shit-hole on Friday visting a couple of girlfriends who still wait tables there, and I was reminded of that pretentious fucking fuck.
        I was at the bar chatting it up with a couple of good friends and long-time locals, and who comes in and sits at the table across from us? Some stereotypical yup with his blue shirt with the white collar and his “mad men” glasses and his shoes that don’t match his belt, his filthy meghan of a wife in her best torn-up dirty granny dress and ugly ass open hooved shoes, two giant diaper bags, a stroller, a car seat, and a baby that looked to be about 10 days old. Pulled up to the table, ordered several drinks, cracked about 200 pull tabs, and stumbled out of the bar with jr. in tow about an hour and a half later.
        Went out to have a smoke and happened to see them get into their crossover vehicle and drive away.
        Great parents!

        • That’s still the standard in Dallas, but only with the more high-end places. Mommy and Daddy Control Freak can’t leave their kids with a babysitter for fear that IQ points might be communicable, so they drag in all of their shit into restaurants and bars. They then spend the entire time sneering at the people who trip over the strollers and car seats and baby toys.

      • I have to quibble though with the use of the Impact font on the first pic. Any Condensed Helvetica type would match closer to the original font.

        Yeah, I do font consultation. But I’m not a f’n hipster.

        /geek off

  3. Can anyone tell me what does it mean when these hipster chics have red nics and scabs on thier lower legs and ankles. Looks like a bat irritation. Are those bed bug bites? Just wondering. Saw a few of them chics on my bus.

    • possibly…

      other possibilities:
      granny sandal blisters
      flesh eating bacteria

    • I see that shit all the time too. I always just assumed it was bedbugs or some other parasite present in their filthy overpriced apartment.

      I think it’s safe to assume that any given hipster-yuppie female slob you encounter in gentrified Brooklyn sleeps in a bedbug-infested bed, has at least one STD, body odor, and/or does not shave her legs or armpits.

    • It’s probably fleas. Bedbugs are the obvious perps, but I’ve seen that over and over. What it means is that she’s living in a place with at least two cats, no vacuum cleaner, and piles of crap every which way.

      The trick to breaking the flea life cycle, by the way, isn’t to catch the adults. Yes, they drink blood, but flea larvae can and will eat just about any organic material they can get. This includes the general schmutz that collects in carpets and in between the boards in hardwood floors. Worse, if conditions are bad, the larvae will pupate and remain in their cases for years, waiting for a return of available prey. That’s why you can see a sudden explosion in fleas in a place that otherwise appeared clean for years: back in the Nineties, I lived in a place that appeared perfectly clean, but where the owners had kept golden retrievers for nearly 20 years. The first year wasn’t a problem, and then fleas exploded the next year. It took nearly six months to get them under control with repeated bug-bombing and spraying, and I swear by Dyson vortex vacuum cleaners with assisting in doing so.

    • It’s a safe bet that they are bedbug bites. I always examine hipsters who come anywhere near me on the subway. Sometimes the (genetically) female hipsters will give me a dirty look, as if I was ogling them. No, I explain, don’t flatter yourself. I am merely examining you for communicable parasitic infestations for my own personal safety.

      • As for myself, whenever I see some hipster/Yuppie scumbag sit in a seat next to me, or even stand near me, anywhere, whether in the subway or anywhere else, I get up out of my seat and move as far away from them as possible.
        Speaking of which, I had the unfortunate experience of having a bedbug crawl up my arm at the Mid-Manhattan Library while looking at books on job searching and resume writing on the third floor of the building. Needless to say I got the thing off my arm and walked out of the place as fast as possible, and wound up having to throw away a perfectly good pair of pants and a perfectly good shirt to go with it. The pair of shoes that I had on had to sit in the freezer for a week, along with my belt and my wallet. I’m not taking ANY chances when it comes to BBs. I called the library up but no one picked up, and I couldn’t even leave a message. It was only two days later that I read online about the bedbug outbreak in that branch of the NYPL.
        After all that, I have to say that I am VERY, VERY, VERY PISSED THE FUCK OFF! These scumbags move into our neighborhoods deliberately, jack up rents, force us to move to places like Dog Felcher Falls and Bummble-Butt-Fuck USA, and even have the nerve to spread their fucking bedbugs around like their ancestors did with smallpox and venereal disease. NOW, to add insult and injury, they infest MY LIBRARY with THEIR PARASITES! FUCK! THE ONE TIME WHERE I REALLY, REALLY NEEDED THE LIBRARY MOST, THESE FUCKSTERS INFECT IT WITH BEDBUGS, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO READ UP ON RESUMES AND SHIT WHEN I HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT FUCKING BEDBUGS!? Oh sure, I could always go online, except staring at a computer screen for more than two or three hours gives me a fucking headache on the left side of my brain. Now I know how the Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks, and Romans felt when all their great libraries were destroyed by hordes of filthy barbarians. Jesus fucking christ we need a class war NOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yup they are Bedbugs alright, I ditto the sentiments of all the people who blame it on those flyoverfuck hipsters.

  4. Yesterday my wife, who doesn’t pay much attention to hipsters but still dislikes them, asked me why so many hipsters were from the midwest. She doesn’t read this site at all so it made me smile that she would notice that without any outside intervention.

  5. Just got back from a walk in the park. Jam packed with despicable shitstains giving neighborhood “tours” to their visiting openmouthed friends from the pig farms back home who always seem to flock here during holiday weekends. Nasally informing them how “awesomely diverse” and “cultural” “their” neighborhood is, trying to convinve them to move here as they snickered and slurped on overpriced burnt organic coffee sludge. I was immediately struck with strong visions of sticking hot pokers into their necks and eyes. Had to wash the filth off of me when I got home.

    Anyway, have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone. We all know that no one values good work ethics and contributes more to our communities than subsidized, whitebred, gentrifying, segregating shit-eaters. I’m off to the hills.

    • Meet the inventor of the “Brooklyn Mobile Video Booth”. How did Brooklyn ever exist without him???

      And what happens to all that cardboard when it rains???

      • So incredibly annoying. So he pays his super inflated Brooklyn rent by charging people 25 cents a video to use his Social Studies project? And if he actually has a job, why isnt he at it at? Who are these fucking weirdos? Shit!!!

      • i’ll look into that piece of shit box and scream–GO BACK HOME, YA FUCKIN FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nice shirt, buddy. Was it hard washing the cum stains out of it? What a slob.

        Why is Ella Morton wasting her incredibly hot presence on this 35 year-old adolescent?

    • don’t you hate it when they show they’re ugly, white sneakered parents around the neighborhood? ugh–what’s with the snickering? i know i’m an old-timer but gimme a fuckin break! they treat us like WE don’t belong. i can’t wait for these freaks to go back home, AND they will go back one day.

  6. this shit just isnt funny anymore.

  7. “I really like to talk to people on the streets”

    - Get a fucking Job loser!!!!!

    Its Corny! Can’t you just do this with ur cell phone and upload your video to Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, etc. ???
    I’m sure the video clarity is coming out better and better in cell phones.

  8. I think everyone looked like that back then .

  9. I’m a day late and a dollar short on this one, and being so new to this sight..but holey shit..if anyone is out there to comment back…please do tell me, who is this flaming piece of trash wearing designer sunglasses and pushing around his fifth grade science project? I beg you, fellow old timers from Brooklyn..please find this idiot and set fire to his cardboard creation…this shit really isnt funny anymore.

    Doesn’t this foolish kid realize that if he were to be walking those streets in the mid 1970′s, he’d get his pasty ass ridiculed on a continous basis and probably mugged and beaten?

    ahh the good ol days..

  10. Wow, finally a kindred spirit that is as repulsed by these pretentious assholes as I am. I saw some moronic hipster on 4th Ave and Union Street riding a wooden bicycle. No, not a hipster child but a real kidult on an actual full sized wooden bicycle! I was even more sickened when he stopped, chained his bike up(who the fuck would even want it!) and sat down on the pavement in front of the lyceum

    and began typing on a manual black metal typewriter from about 1910.

    • Well then why not just eat shit and die.

    • Welcome, connerscanines. You have just been introduced to our pet troll^ who has used multiple sock puppets for years in his daily attempts to impress his little bugger buddies with his wit. “Tony” is his latest. Come on up to the present posts and join us in dealing out HBH to him and all his ilk.

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