Old Brooklyn Hipster Photos

Hipsters have recently started sending me proof that they’ve been around Brooklyn the longest. As in this picture of  the original Fred Gretsch Music Factory, Williamsburg, c.1890. We see banjo’s, drums, moustaches and funny hats in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Basically this concludes that what we silly Brooklyn townies call “hipsters” have really been around in large quantities since atleast 1890. Which means forever in other words. To think, all this time I thought I was on to something but I was really imagining the whole invasion.

In this next picture we see the three-piece band called “Two Sailors and an Ink Sales Man” posing in front of their favorite organic bistro at 39 Graham Avenue in Brooklyn. Yes even back then the steaks were about  $65.00  per person and you had to cook them yourself over special imported Peruvian coals that actually got hot when you made them, well,  hot. It was only for certain cool people such as this band who struck it bigtime on the Graham Avenue circuit.

Over to Bushwick, circa 1908 we see a group of 30 year old hipsters ready to play a game of Capture the Flag on a Tuesday afternoon on Knickerbocker Avenue. They all luckily had off at the same time. 1908 was kind of a slow year for coffee runners in the graphic design assistant industry. The reason they’re all standing still is because a trolley full of organic seltzer was passing through heading over to Colby and Caleb’s eggcream parlor.

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  1. Disease has always existed too; doesn’t mean it belongs either.

  2. amazing

  3. “They all luckily had off at the same time.”


  4. “trolley full of organic seltzer” had me in stitches!

    Holy fuck I lol’d so hard.

  5. Ye olde hipsters. Back in the Good Ol’ Days!

    Even then, they were fighting for art shows and bike lanes against the meathead natives.

    And here’s the 1915 version of B.I.K.E. for your entertainment. Note the nasally whining political statements at the beginning.

  6. And here’s the New Look KKK at play.

  7. If you’ve got the stomach for it:


    Its 20 pgs so here’s the IKJ highlights:

    Article is written by a Megan, argues 20s are “special” and therefore, 20s and early 30 year olds need special treatement. That is why these retards are non-viable–because they need 20 extra years, from the age of 16 to 36 too fuck around, act like annoying dicks and sponge offa their parents. PLUS: THESE LAZY RETARDS SHOULD GET EXTRA SOCIAL SERVICES (PUBLIC BENETIFS?!!!!!!!!!!!) too, because they are not developmentally ready to function in the ADULT (? yes!!! really!!!) WORLD.


    Alas, this article was really written and is not part of some hoax….

    • It really is sad. This generation was promised the world and all we had to do was graduate college. Now we have all these 20 somethings with semi-useless degrees who are too good to get any job where they may have to pay their dues, or as I like to call it, “eat shit.”

      Currently watching my ex-hipster roommate sell all the film and photo equipment his parents bought for him. They wont lend him any more money and he still refuses to get a job because it will interfere with his art.

      • Is your roommate named Ed David by any chance?

        • Honestly, as much as my ex hipster roommate annoyed me, even he wouldn’t do something as stupid and attention seeking as start diediehipster.com

      • I hear you. Apparently my ex-wife had to move back to Memphis for the same reason. Her folks are apparently out of money, and she can either come back home and stay there or starve to death in Portland. In her case, God forbid that she should take a job that isn’t involved with bookselling, to the point of volunteering to work for a nonprofit bookstore that doesn’t pay any of its employees. (And why should they? Every time someone says “You know, I put in 40 hours per week, and it’d be nice if I could pay my rent,” you’ll have forty linguini-armed parentally-subsidized trolls who’d do anything to work there for free.)

    • I just read the first page of that article and when I got to the end I stopped. Why? Because when I heard the name of that clinical psychologist and his/her rantings, I realized he studied 5 years for a PhD to tell us something any poster on here could tell us. That they’re back with mommy and daddy because nobody wants to pay big money for totally generic butt-chocolate documentaries or studies of the changing fashion of air hostesses or lying naked in a pool of milk with their wieners showing.

      Or how about a career which is not a sense of play?
      Or finishing your IT degree instead of trolling Craigslist 18 hours a day?

      I could go on. You all know the story. Trouble is I don’t have a PhD from some Ivy League shithole so nobody will listen to me.

      • The thing tht really pisses me off about it is that its such utter bullshit justification for all the hipster/shitheel cunts out there.

        Every day I see young kids in their 20s and 30s busting their asses. Science and medicine aint easy and these kids are out there doing it–working around the clock, studying all the time—really getting it on and making a contribution to the community. Props to the kids in my lab who work their asses off and are making fantastic discoveries in breast cancer biomarkers.

        So, don’t tell me that *these* kids are too developmentally backward to do anything with their lives while in their 20s and 30s. NO NO NO NO NO NO….

        Its just the bullshitting turd people and the only cause of this is SHEER LAZINESS…..

        Seriously, I like to joke that they are retarded and braindamaged but the reality is they are have been given everything and have had every advantage….and in light of all of it, they choose to be non-viable lazy fucks. BEING A SHITHEELS IS A LIFE CHOICE–not a developmental stage!!!!

        GOOD GOD!!!!

        • You’re absolutely right. It’s LAZINESS. Pampered little fucks who are perpetually allergic to paying their dues and busting their asses when they’ve had every advantage in life to really contribute something of value to our society and make something of themselves. This is why a lot of them always pursue “creative” jobs in the arts even when the talent is obviously not there. Nothing against really talented and passionate artists who truly pay their dues, but most of these “blogging/film making/performance artists/musicians” believe this is the easiest field to be in while fucking around and acting like a retarded brat until their parental subsidies stop. The untalented and passionless ones are usually driven by narcissism with entitlement complexes to begin with and put very little effort or critical thinking into anything they do. There is also a shit load of these wastes of cum who take a year or two off fucking off while using their unemployment benefits on top of their parental allowances – anything to procrastinate finding an adult job in the real world.

      • “Or finishing your IT degree instead of trolling Craigslist 18 hours a day?”

        Stevie is 30. Where will he be when she’s 40?

  8. I was out shooting pool a couple nights ago with a few friends in the LES (yeah, I know it’s infested with pretentious trust fund twats, but some of my old friends still live there). We were keeping to ourselves despite the hordes of identical, can’t-handle-their-drinks, transplanted, wannabe-urban shit-talkers surrounding us. One of my friends actually grew up a few blocks from the place and we were talking about the crew we used to hang out with back in the day.

    The jukebox was endlessly rattling off tedious whiney soulless “indie” rock. So, I went over to switch things up a little. When I got to the jukebox looking at its menu, some smelly, drunken, red/grey-bearded, Buddy Holly-glasses-wearing doofus stepped right against me and asked what I was playing. I told him I wasn’t sure yet. He then sarcastically asked if I was going to play “Rap or Spanish music” as he snickered back to his friends and then with his kazoo-voiced shit breath had to “inform” me that I should play, *insert a whole host of identical-sounding-whiner-rock*. I just laughed at him and told him, “I’m gonna play what I’m gonna play and I guarantee it’s not gonna be any of that stuff”.

    As I began to select a bunch of different tunes from Papa Mali to Melvins to Novalima to The Meters from the limited menu selection, this drunken, shit-breathed bitch would not let up displaying the typical annoying, meddling, self-absorbed, “more-cultural-than-you” attitude that makes us hate these shit-sticks to no end. “Those bands are kinda lame – there’s much better stuff on there”, he nasally snarked an inch away from my face before I politely told him, “You can put in all the Deerhoof songs you want when I’m done, now back the fuck off before I shove those glasses down your chroat”. He walked away huffing and puffing and when he returned to his little group of granny-dressed and Romper Room clothed mutants I could hear him whining passive-aggressively with his mouth-breathing friends saying things about me, like, “He’s some tough guy from Staten Island” and “I just wannnnaaa hear some gooood music”. I just love it when these spoiled transplants make derogatory comments about native NYers with accents and say things like, “He’s some idiot from Jersey” or “They don’t get good music or art”.

    The whole night me and my friends stayed to ourselves. This fucker stepped to me with his shit-breath and his disrespectful behavior. Then they are surprised when they get fucked by people who won’t take their shit like their submissive parents did in suburbia before they let their little shit-cakes loose in our neighborhoods. When I walked back to the pool table past these inbreds I looked at them and all they did was shut up and put their heads down. Typical punkass behavior.

    So again, why do we hate these disrespectful, pampered, ignorant, pompous, suburban transplanted adult brats who are here on a subsidized-longterm-urban-adventure, and habitually act like they are having tantrums back in their McMansions every where they go in the city? I seem to have forgotten.

    • Good for you. As far as I’m concerned, if he’d wanted to listen to that shit all day, he can pay for it himself. It was your money and your selection, and whining “I wanna listen to gooooood music” just tells me he’s too fucking cheap to pay for it himself.

      I had a similar incident two years ago. My wife and I were in Tampa, and we stopped in Ybor City for dinner. We found one place with great food and great attitude, and then suddenly a beardo gets up on a little postage stamp of a stage and starts shrieking his whiner rock. Even a Nickelback fan would have bottled him over this shit, and every time the people in the restaurant tried to talk over his screechings, he’d just crank up the amp a little bit more. Finally, I asked the waitress if we could move to another part of the restaurant away from him, and we discovered that everyone else was trying to do the same thing. He was finally shut down early, and he sulked off as we all exclaimed “Good riddance.”

      The telling part? Not only was he crying about how “insensitive” and “rude” we were for not wanting to have his cat-in-a-blender yowlings in our ears, but so were his friends. All four of them, sharing one glass of water between the four because they were too cheap to pay for food. Four of them presumably there to listen to him, versus about sixty of us doing our best to get away from him, and willing to leave the restaurant if we couldn’t. There are times where the invisible hand of the market is remarkably just and fair.

      • You know, about two months ago a very talented musician friend of mine performed with her 3-piece band at a small place in Williamsburg. She’s been playing and touring professionally for 20 years and did this sideshow as a favor for the owner she’s known for years. She’s an amazing songwriter, singer and guitarist and her stage presence will have you fall in love with her after one song no matter what kind of music you like.

        There were three bands that performed before her, all whiney, amateurish, “local hipster” bands who all knew each other and had their little group of beardos and granny-girls sucking each other off. The bands were truly awful, screeching, unoriginal, but they all acted like huge rock stars and as if they were playing The Garden. They were all so extremely deluded and full of themselves in within their little scene it was comical.

        My girl got on stage and ripped them all new assholes. The place went from a loud nasal circle jerk of self-congradulating wannabes to quiet, open-mouthed defeat when the dynamics of talent shifted dramatically right before their bug-eyes. Even though her awesome performance brought a few whispering, passive-aggressive, jealousy-driven snarks, this little vapid gathering of newly-arrived yokels were given a dose of harsh reality that could not be denied and truly put these fakes in their place. At least for the night, while we were there.

        • I saw some street art in Williamsburg that I kind of liked the other day. So I was depressed cause I figured the artist was a hipster. Walking further down the street I saw the artist who was doing another drawing on the sidewalk, and he looked like a complete regular dude. Not hipsterish at all.

          All these hipsters had crowded around the guy at this point and you could tell they were jealous and ashamed. Not to mention that the guy was cracking jokes at their expense.

    • What can you do, these 30 to 40 year-old hipster-yuppie manchildren were never taught how to compromise or wait their turn back in their pampered suburban bubble. Remember they grew up with scoreless soccer games and in households where antisocial behavior was encouraged and rewarded by their New Age space cadet parents.

  9. The Meters???


    They couldn’t rock to the funky METERS??????


  10. And Im not EVEN gonna tell you guys about UNDESIRABLE DAY at Coney yesterday!!!!!!!

    Just look up Black Tie Beach….

    I WAS THERE and got a front row seat for all the pasty nausea…..

    I can guarantee those people are 100% pasty irritating screechy FUCKS…..


    • Yeah…..

      Disgusting pasty acne fucks!!

      Plus, don’t believe that hype on the web site…most people were fucking annoyed by their “look at me” attitude. Get this..these guys were such fucking assholes when people asked them why they were all dressed up like that..they wouldn’t say….one fuck kept saying “Dressed up? Im not dressed up”…. WHAT A FUCKFACE.

      95% of these “people” were pasty fat-ass Megans the other 5% were drooling retards.

      THen we saw feather woman, who dressed in a pink prom dress looking like Carrie went down the beach picking up GARBAGE and rotting bird feathers…..She kept asking us..”did you see any feathers?” WHAT A FUCKING RETARD.

      Believe me these people are every bit as pathetic, desperate for attention turds (and probably more so) than we imagined.

      Plus, I didn’t mention that they all got out in the water, formed a FUCKING CIRCLE AND SANG JOURNEY SONGS!!!!!!!

      I had no idea NYC had this many mongoloided, pop-eyeded, extra-chromasome having FREAKS….



      • And why was this organized? Doesn’t look very comfortable to be soaked and have sand up your over-dressed ass all day. I guess comfort doesn’t matter when your main objective is to be seen while making a spectacle of yourself and feel valued by being written about in blogs and photographed and videotaped. Just another meaningless and intrusive lemming gathering of adult children who unbelievably have nothing better to do on a summer day. Funny how when they are ignored by normal people just trying to relax, they just keep on meddling and posturing in their space until they look at them. LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEE!!!!! PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEE!

        • They feel they need to bring attention to themselves and be recognized. Being recognized is their way of being rewarded for the inflated high rents their parent’s are paying for them.

          Ultimately though it is the HASIDS who are sitting back in obscurity cashing rent check after rent check while quietly depositing the money into their bank accounts every single month.


      • God I hate these fucking pukes. Everyone hates them. But they think they are some kind of great wonderful additions to the world. I’m sure that by next summer the pasties here will organize a swim just like this at Thomas Beach or Boom Island so they can be just like their lame brethern in oh so kewl BK.
        I hope I get advanced notice so I can hold them all underwater until they stop making horrible “art”.

        Some quotes from the messages in Hipsterminator’s link:

        “shayna (megan)
        August 22, 2010 at 12:02 am
        thanks for a great day!
        my favorite was pretending like wearing a nice dress was perfectly normal and everyone wearing bathing suits was under dressed!”

        My favorite part will be when I pretent not to notice when you die slow.

        “Natasha (meegen)
        August 22, 2010 at 12:34 am
        My first mission…”

        Of course it was a “mission”. You have absolutely no goals in life so you have to pretend that dressing like an idiot and going swimming and totally ignoring and disrespecting the local people is a “mission”. Fuck you.

        “Agent Applewhite (meghan)
        August 22, 2010 at 12:57 am
        … a stylish Russian woman who was sitting alone … asked why all of us were so dressed up.

        I told her that I couldn’t speak for anyone else, but that my two friends and I had never been to Coney Island, and we had been told how beautifully the Russian women here dress , and we did not want to feel out of place. Besides, I added, my friends were visiting from Ohio, and they always dress like this on Lake Erie.”

        Yeeaaahhhh. They always dress like that on Lake Erie. Of course you and your friends are “visiting” from Ohio. Maybe you should go back there?

        “Thayne (hahahahaha! “thayne”!)
        August 21, 2010 at 11:00 pm
        My best time was getting to play vollyball with the life guards….They told me this is a first….I said what playing with a 50 year old lady….They said no playing with a hot lady in an evening gown on the the beach.”


        “Agent Hannah (hannah is the new meghan)
        August 22, 2010 at 10:33 pm
        Me and my friend had the best time ever! Considering we made it there just in time for the event, even though we missed the breifing due to sucky traffic on the drive over. But the best part was we got to play Kick ball, and I even brought my skim board and got a bunch of people to join in! Best day ever.”

        What, you didn’t ride your udly overpriced bicycle?? But of course you played kick-ball…

    • “Improve Everywhere”.

      Hipster answer to Shakespeare.

      • Why does everybody hate on IE so much? Is having fun and making people laugh part of “hipster” culture now? Are you fuckers just scraping the bottom of the barrel to find hipster-related material?

        • Why would anyone defend adults who act like children? I personally love improv, and pay to see qualified actors perform it every couple of months. There are a couple of great comedy troupes here in Minneapolis, and even better ones in Chicago, which I visit often.
          These “IE” people are people with no decernable talent, they love acting like fools but no one will pay them to do it so they go out in public and act like idiots for “fun”. I’m all for having fun, but just read the comments on their site. They are proud of the fact that they lied to, ignored, and disrespected all the normal people at Coney Island this weekend.

        • LOL< Hi Rob and thanks for dropping in and displaying that passive-aggressive pussified anger so characteristic of your whole loser missing-link subculture. I suppose its pointless to ask if your parents taught you any manners when popping into a website or anywhere else, since you pampered spoiled hyper-entitled über-dipshits were taught by your gin, valium and xanax-soaked criminally negligent mommies and daddies that their little screeching monsters were so fucking SPECIAL!

          In any case, my nephew was jogging down BB and blundered into this moron circus as it was winding up and basically corroborates "AGENT I KILLED JOSH!'s" (lol, who the fuck came up with that spastic "agent" shit? Do you have decoder rings too, you overgrown talentless toddlers??) report. Schmuley said these knuckleheads managed to massively confuse the fact that the "natives" were smiling at them in the way that you smile and shake your head when you see a moron walk into a wall while texting on his blackberry with somehow thinking they were "entertaining" the exotic Slavic masses. Schmuley said he was told that unlike "Rob's" claim that his putzy pals "having fun and making people laugh" that they came charging down a family beach oblivious to the people there and basically took it over like the clueless selfish spoiled wastes that they are. When he got there, he sez they didn't look to happy, a number of the girls were sitting there looking like they had just been rescued from the Poseidon adventure in their party dresses and were clearly distressed that there was nothing they could do to remedy the discomfort of a lot of sand and mud irritating their privates.

          Amazing that a few dozen grown adults (or at least people who at one time would have been considered grown adults at that age, but are now apparently in a newly discovered "stage") would agree that this was a perfectly good thing to do!

          • “since you pampered spoiled hyper-entitled über-dipshits were taught by your gin, valium and xanax-soaked criminally negligent mommies and daddies that their little screeching monsters were so fucking SPECIAL!”

            ^Undoubtedly seems to be the root of most of this asinine, meddling, me-first behavior that we’ve been subjected to in large doses over the past decade. Factor in the prenatal brain damage. Also, all of them are consumed by a lemming/follow-the-moron mentality that’s void of any independent thought of their own. That’s what brought them here in the first place.

            The condescending, sarcastic and dismissive replies (that they pompously confuse with wit) towards the normal people questioning their childish behavior is typical of these mutants. We’re not impressed.

            “But the best part was we got to play Kick ball, and I even brought my skim board and got a bunch of people to join in! Best day ever.”

            ^Asshole. “Agent Hannah” doesn’t have a life if having sand stuck up her over-dressed twat while playing kickball was her “best day ever”. She sounds like she’s 7-years-old.

      • Funny: I’ve seen that behavior before…

      • Improvisation – a performance given extempore without planning or preparation.
        Except all of their shit is clearly planned and rehearsed.
        Yawn. Typical clueless dipshits.

  11. Tomorrow is the D DAY all transplanted DC YUPS are scared to death of.

    ITS THE 1ST DAY OF THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. And this just in from the StarTribune: “Zombie Protestors” awarded $165,000 in settlement over wrongful detention.


    Seriously read this shit. This is an old case, I had forgotten all about it. Most of these turd-people don’t even live in the Twin Cities anymore, they’re off on their middle-aged gentrification field trips to other cities. And now they’ve got a bunch of inflated rent money!

    Basically, some moron hipsters dressed up like zombies to protest what they call bond consumerism. The truely ironic part of this is that they were also carrying around a bunch of expensive mobile audio equipment so they could blast music from their iPod. Because, you know, people who buy iPods are the antithisis of blind consumers. Fucking morons.
    So they’re walking around downtown Minneapolis, scaring children and ignoring orders from the police, and they get arrested.
    The best part is that they got arrested for having items that simulate weapons of mass distruction. Presumably the speakers. They eventually get released without being charged and sue the city, who settles because they know that jurys in Minneapolis are full of filthy fucking hipsters who always side with zombie protesters.

    When the trust fund and parent’s money finally runs out, I think I know how these fucks are going to pay for their lavish childish lifestyles…

    There’s an old saying in the Hennepin County court system that goes “if you’re gonna do it again, do it in Hennepin” because Minneapolis and Hennepin county have historically been so lenient on repeat offenders.
    I can just hear the hipsters at the 331 tonight celebrating this “victory”: “If you’re gonna act like a jackass, do it in Minneapolass”.

    • Just one more way for these mutants to avoid looking for a real job and have someone else foot the bill to their worthless lifestyle. I could only imagine how these fuckwads will blow their money. That’s about $15,000 a piece after the lawyers cut.

      Some things may be:
      1) 150 pieces of chocolate from Masturbation Bros
      2) 5-month one-bedroom lease in North Brooklyn
      4) 2-month trip to eat, pray and love in India, Italy and Bali
      5) tuition cost to study film theory for one semester

      Of course, their parents already cover all the costs listed above. More than likely this money will be an addition to their already overpriced lifestyle which includes: eating at overpriced yupster shitholes every night, more booze and drugs, and buying more crap for themselves: gold fetching bikes, antique tweed 3-piece suits, schooner trips on the Gowanus, fund a 3-day pillow/cardboard sword fight festival on local Greenpoint rooftop, have Dan Deacon play your birthday dumpster party.

      • One of the many comments from the article supporting these zombie hipsters:

        Chicago zombies treated better
        This same thing happened in downtown Chicago recently and it was pretty universally accepted as good, clean fun. People getting made up as zombies and lurching through urban centers — that’s contemporary street theater these days and anyone who doesn’t see it as that is, I’m sorry, ignorant. Being unsophisticated — or more fairly, unaware of cultural trends common in big cities — can be expensive, I suppose. But most people have some understanding that people who like to dress up in character and parade through town — while perhaps not universally appreciated — are certainly harmless.

        posted by sdahlman on Aug. 23, 10 at 3:24 PM |
        4 of 7 people liked this comment. Do you?

        This this fucking meghan is going to tell us that hipsters who dress up like zombies and blare their iPod all over town and scare small children are not only harmless but are also more sophisticated that those of us who think they are hipocritical idiots?? What kind of an adult dresses like a zombie when it’s not holloween???
        Fucking go home hipsters!

  13. i feel for you man,
    I can only imagine how many eden prairie flannel shirts you have to see “living off the land” on nicolet mall LOL

  14. I really feel sorry for all of the people who were bullied in high school back home in IOWA.

    I really do.


    • “The crowd is younger and more mixed this time, including a lot of Hispanic teenagers, a very different crowd than last time”

      And there’s the reason she called the cops. Right there.

      • Yep. It’s interesting how that’s working out in Portland right now. If you have a bunch of rich white beardos blocking off a whole street, partying until dawn, and shitting and pissing in their neighbors’ yards, it’s quietly covered over by the “creative class”-obsessed mayor. Suggest, though, that the partiers are black or Latino, and the cops are preparing to nuke the place from orbit.

        • The Puerto Rican Heritage Festival had just ended last night. This two-day festival as been going on since 1961 and features a parade, lots of great music, the Miss Puerto Rico Pageant, and the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater performance and concert. Everything went nicely without incident.

          Here’s what some of the “culturally diverse” yupster tranplants have been blogging about this festival:

          “tommyc_37: Bets are now being taken as to whether or not my block will look like the Staten Island dump afterwards.”

          “LG77: I make it a point to be out of the city this day. Then just deal with damage later.”

          “feelngood: Damn, my street will be the usual mess, including my front porch and garden… I had been pleased with the geberal lack of ‘ethnic’ parades this year.”

          “chrischoj: Last year there was a guy blasting his music from his car as I was walking into my building (the parade was already over at this point). He thought he has a right to hang out there and play his music if he wanted because it was HIS day.”

          “fatassbike: What a waste of time, money and inconvenience to everyone with road closures – Let it be held in some hall and dump the parade crap.”

          “Onthe3rd: I can’t remember the last time a knife fight or vandalism broke out at a Chinese New Year parade, yet it seems to be more likely to happen with festivities revolving around Hispanic/Latin American cultures.”

          “chrischoj: Anyone know when this thing is ending?! I’m getting tired of the blasting music and guy screaming on his microphone…There’s no way there are many people out there that are listening to him. I called the non-emergency number for the police and she said they have a permit to keep going until 10pm. Does anyone else think that’s crazy for a Sunday night?! My building filed a petition to not have it go so late last year but obviously that didn’t do anything.”

          “Eleanor_A: Por favor! Pleaso turno down el noiso!”

          Racist pricks. Meanwhile, the weekend long yupster arts festival floods the streets with loud music, litter, and screaming idiots on drugs, but the cupcake-baking yups are fine with that. I wonder why?

          • “chrischoj: Last year there was a guy blasting his music from his car as I was walking into my building (the parade was already over at this point). He thought he has a right to hang out there and play his music if he wanted because it was HIS day.”

            Hells yeah….thats when you gotta blast your shit.

          • “(The Puerto Rican Heritage Festival) has been going on since 1961…”
            I wonder how long the yup art art art art festival has been going on???
            Fucking racist fucks.
            But they’re SO progressive and SO urban. They would never judge anyone based solely on their skin tone or culture.

          • “I had been pleased with the geberal lack of ‘ethnic’ parades this year.”

            Wow, that is disgusting. I sincerely wish the worst on that hipster-yuppie piece of garbage and those dear to him. Die!!!!!

        • “the cops are preparing to nuke the place from orbit”
          LOL, I’m stealing that.

  15. that brooklynpix.com web site is great. Too bad its so poorly designed. Perhaps they should find some hipster named ethan to upgrade their web page for a bag of organic flaxseed or something.

    • Work for free, supply your own laptop, and pretend that you have a chance at being hired if you spend the next year slaving away while the publisher wipes his ass with $100 bills. Welcome to journalism.

  16. Sound familiar?

    I’d like to live like a poor man with lots of money.
    Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973)

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