Hipsters have recently started sending me proof that they’ve been around Brooklyn the longest. As in this picture of  the original Fred Gretsch Music Factory, Williamsburg, c.1890. We see banjo’s, drums, moustaches and funny hats in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Basically this concludes that what we silly Brooklyn townies call “hipsters” have really been around in large quantities since atleast 1890. Which means forever in other words. To think, all this time I thought I was on to something but I was really imagining the whole invasion.

In this next picture we see the three-piece band called “Two Sailors and an Ink Sales Man” posing in front of their favorite organic bistro at 39 Graham Avenue in Brooklyn. Yes even back then the steaks were about  $65.00  per person and you had to cook them yourself over special imported Peruvian coals that actually got hot when you made them, well,  hot. It was only for certain cool people such as this band who struck it bigtime on the Graham Avenue circuit.

Over to Bushwick, circa 1908 we see a group of 30 year old hipsters ready to play a game of Capture the Flag on a Tuesday afternoon on Knickerbocker Avenue. They all luckily had off at the same time. 1908 was kind of a slow year for coffee runners in the graphic design assistant industry. The reason they’re all standing still is because a trolley full of organic seltzer was passing through heading over to Colby and Caleb’s eggcream parlor.