To Wednesday and Pugsley Addams (but in this case the girl looked like Pugsley and the guy looked like Wednesday) on an afternoon A train the other day. You got off at 14th St most likely switching to the good old L. Your nasally, drawn-out, vapid conversation sounded so rehearsed that I almost stood up and kicked you both in the teeth. Pugsley, when you told Wednesday that you just moved to Bushwick but you’re originally from the LES (unless you meant Lower East South Dakota) you pretty much comfirmed why I hate your fucking wanna-be, lying, dirty poseur asses so much and knew you were just another 1-5 year vacationing hipster piece of shit. I wanted to ask you but I was too shy I guess… but, why do you dip your heads in vegetable oil before you leave the house? Maybe I’ll see you again soon? You’ll probably never read this because you seem like you’re always busy being cool and urban.