Yeah it’s been a while so I got the old fishing rod out and went fishing for hipsters again. The responses were pretty good. May have been better in the past but still pretty good. I even got a couple of angry Brooklynites to respond and one person even knew it was me! So this time I pretended to be ‘Megz’ a woman from Oregon who used to sell her organic pet food out of a booth and is now beginning her Brooklyn gentrification vacation. Here was my post on Craigslist

Live and breathe art with me… – 29 (Billyburg)


Date: 2010-07-18, 9:08AM EDT


Hello potential artsy and cultured boy,

29/F. I’m completely amazed by the vibe and culture of Williamsburg and Bushwick. Ideas flow more freely when youre surrounded by such talent. I’ve been here for 2 months. I sold my little organic pet supply store, well booth really, in Oregon and moved here. I share a pretty spacious loft with my old college friend, she should be single soon too when her boyfriend moves back home to Michigan lol.

Im super into art and artisanal cooking. Would like a boy who knows some good local and sustainable eating places and music venues to show me. I’m currently an aid to an assistant events coordinator for this small start up art gallery in Bushwick. Yesterday I went to see if anything good was playing at Siren Fest in Coney Island. It was OK however we got off the train to get some liquor. I think it was Avenue U or something. Wow what a weird place and bland too. I was like, is this still Brooklyn? Just so many foreigners and people working and bustling through the streets with their families and going to stores. It just lacked the kind of culture you find up in the North section of Brooklyn. I couldn’t live there.

Please have roughly the same interests as me and be edgy and different and creative. You must tell me about yourself. Emails that just say Hi Baby with a picture will be ignored. If you sound interesting I’ll reply with a pic. Well I need to go down and get my latte. I wouldn’t be up so early but I have to pick up a friend from the airport. I await you .


Here are just some of the e-mail responses I got:


I am creative edgy and artistic and work as a creative professional…What brought you to NYC?  Where in Oregon are you from?  Did you go to school? Can you describe yourself physically, tattoos?


  Burning spear is playing a free show on Wednesday night, I saw him play last year and it was amazing.


I’ve been living in wburg for a few months now as well, I used to live in Manhattan and don’t know how I lasted there so long.  I’m 26; and moved into the city a few years ago to study yoga. 

Funny you went to the siren fest yesterday I rode my bike down there to go to swimming, were there any good bands? 


hi, love the northwest and ny too.  seattle actually.  I sculpt and consult.   spent a decent time in oregon too.  i was planning to hangout in W’burg tomorrow to see some art and stroll — have a beer. I am 38 so not really a boy.  dark hair and eyes.  Like strong coffee, a good pint and food for sure.Until soon or your email back to me. 



Hi my name is Henry. I know what you mean about ave. U. There are some great places in brooklyn. Have you been to down town brooklyn? It is great. I did send you my picture, but it was sent back because the file is too big for CL. I have black hair, dark brown eyes, dimples, and have an athletic build. Let’s see what things we can find to do together. Maybe we can talk and get to know each other over a cup of coffee. Thank you for reading. 


How cool is it that you are in New York now? Welcome. I felt the same way when I first got here 7 years ago, was sharing a 1500 square foot loft with friends in Bushwick with friends, getting my degree in journalism and working for a literary agent. This is a wonderful place, with the best food art and culture you can find this side of Paris or Madrid. 

These days I work a lot and study for my M.A. at NYU. I try to get out for a jog or hit up a yoga class several times a week too — I guess I like to be on the busy side as it lets me know I’m alive. :) I’ll sleep when I’m dead. 

Today I’m going with friends to the 3rd ward pig roast to meet a ton of people and hear bands (they have the greatest parties), and then to the brooklyn waterfront for the free bands (and dodgeball!) and the best view ever. I’m not vegetarian or anything, but I am all about great food, and great living. In a month I’m going to Paris for 10 days to relax. I like to travel a lot and can’t wait to find a job that makes me do that, so I can snap a million pictures and do my silly writing or whatever it is that catches my fancy. 


I elected to forward this photo because it makes me appear enlightened. I of course have little to no chance of eliciting any interest from you but your spirit struck me and I value spirit in others. I am on the endless quest for those that imagineer and envision a world – experiences – beyond their own 4 corner-ed universe. Never remain cornered. Break out, break up, break through.  I write but of course, in order to earn a living, I do the professional thing. I live outside Manhattan: another curse. I am a single and music-obsessed former radio disc jockey, drummer, guitarist and computer artist. All enormously fulfilling, none enormously great for feeding myself. Which is not to comment in any manner negatively on your lifestyle, which rather impresses me like a summer’s breeze through the sweltering weather of the stifling economy. I admire and credit you for being brave, leaving your Oregonian home and striking out in a manner few do in their lifetimes. Do not fear but pursue. 
So with those jumbled words of comment and commentary, I propose that on your ever-lengthening lists of friends in the area, perhaps you consider adding at least someone that’s not out for anything other than good conversation a few evenings every now and then, art wandering, cocktail tipping and a few laughs. I have zero ulterior agendas except for human and cool companionship every so often.  I’m actually blindingly busy all the time and drowning in work so these walks or talks or chat and chews would be a way for me to break the surface of the drowning pool to gulp in air of friendship and thinking and laughter… 


Hi there, 

I just read your ad and felt intrigued by it and compelled to reply. I could go on and on about my likes and dislikes but let us start with a brief description and if it piques your attention then I will be more than happy to continue. I do not want to waste my time or yours. 

About me, 32 years old, inked, brown eyes, brown hair, yada, yada, yada.
I have been in NYC for almost 4 years now and loving it.
I work in the music industry



ex-organic pet supply girl,
well, you sound brilliant – !

i am a 37 year old single white male, with brown hair and blue eyes…
i am college educated, well-read and am a good conversationalist. i have traveled to many different parts of the world and have many interests, including art, painting, cinema, politics and sports, among other things… i have a dog as well!

i own a small design firm. my loft is right by union square. 

so – let me know if you’re interested-let’s meet and get to know each other a bit better…! 



First off, good luck with your search for a boyfriend. Dating in New
York can be hard, especially if you’re misinformed and completely
ignorant to your surroundings as you seem to be.

Williamsburg/Bushwick have been hispanic neighborhoods for the past 50
years, before that it was polish. The pop- counter vomit of people
from Ohio and Oregon, people like YOU, has caused them to loose their
homes, raise their rents, and force out local family businesses
replacing them with “luxury condo lofts.” Maybe if you looked around
your friends Art Gallery in bushwick you could see some art with a
little more meaning? How about the save our home street art on
Knickerbocker and Myrtle… or the Bushwick Community Garden which
gives free clothes, and fresh organic produce to local families who
are struggling as a result of the struggling economy and this swift

To say that the neighborhoods Coney Island and Brighton Beach are
lacking culture is ridiculous, it makes you sound like a vapid little
brat. The people in those area’s are of mostly Russian Decent, most of
them are Americans! Many people prefer to keep their languages, art,
cuisine, and CULTURE intact. Do you think that “Hipster’s” shopping at
organic planet and buying old vinyl is much different than a Russian
Mother shopping at a fruit market with her children? You’re the
foreigner, don’t you get it?
If you weren’t so narrow minded maybe you could meet someone in
public. A lot of the of the more attractive, intelligent men in this
area appreciate a woman who is a lot more aware of her surroundings.
What makes you think you’re edgy, different, creative? You’re living
in the same community with a bunch of people who are JUST LIKE YOU in
most ways. Perhaps you’re different than the Russians, the Domincans,
The Puerto ricans, the suits in midtown, and the italians, but you’re
not different than any other vintage nuevo-art slave in the burg.
Don’t fool yourself. If you were creative you wouldn’t be so content
in your little box.

give back to the community you’ve stolen or
at least appreciate real culture
make yourself belong to something bigger
or go back to Oregon and sell dog food.



Either that was written on purpose for laughs or you are really really clueless about Brooklyn and people.

you got to be kidding me.  please, go back to oregon or some other hippie granola loving place.  the vibe and culture of williamsburg and bushwick?  you want edgy, different and creative, sorry kid, but you’re about 10 years late to the party. it disgusts me to see all the hipster wanna be artists and what they’ve done to those neighborhoods. you’re just every other sheep, go ahead follow the pack.

yeah, all you little american apparel kids really add lots of culture up there in north brooklyn.  i’d take the russians out in brighton beach/ coney island/ sheepeshead bay area over your kind any day.  if i had the same interests as you, i certainly wouldnt be different, and neither are you.  please, bitch, get ahold of yourself.  sooner or later you’ll realize that you cant make it in ny and you’ll be where you belong, someplace else.


DIE HIPSTER! HA HA I can’t wait to see what kind of toolboxes respond to this!


Hey There Meg,
     I found your post on CL interesting and quite amusing. Through your correspondense & musing’s I can tell your self absorb, a brat, culturally lacking and deprived intellectually.
     Native of Williamsburg with a complete grasp of the present and fully appreciative of all that life (Brooklyn) has to offer. Graham Avanue guy from the nieghborhood. Sane, sincere, for real…Unfortunately, my one bedroom isn’t a level playing field with your “loft”. 
     I think we can click (lol)!
     If you feeling me and can unhinge yourself from that “Latte”, we’ll do a tour of the bodega’s in the area. I’m almost positive you’ve never entered one.
     If you feeling me and want to prove me wrong, hit me back.
     Let’s do the “Apolo” on Grand street for a bluey?………(you probably never had one of those)
     You are such a B*tch, but I think I like you…………