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This is a warning to all you talentless, ironic, trend sucking, wanna-be urban, pseudo pioneers. DO NOT CROSS BELOW THE RED LINE. You aren’t discovering shit. Your liberal arts college mentalities and your hipster uniforms are despised down here. We like our non-organic coffee and vegetables just the way they are. We don’t pay $2000 a month for a one bedroom down here with our Daddy’s money or cram 6 bearded, emaciated, finger painters in one to afford it. There’s nothing edgy, ironic, or gritty for you to see. We don’t need your culture, or lack thereof. The average resident down here has more culture in one of their bitten and spit out fingernails than an entire block of tuba playing kickballing organic tea connoisseurs in North Brooklyn combined. Remember, DO NOT CROSS SOUTH OF THAT LINE. You have been warned you filthy motherfuckers.