Jeremy’s Daddy visits him in Brooklyn.

Ok, I had to make one more of these. All the ones made by the people in the comments section were absolutely hysterical. I mean, you can’t really mess these cartoons up. Thanks again for the laughs. Ok heres one more:

84 thoughts on “Jeremy’s Daddy visits him in Brooklyn.

    • ‘culturally vapid sorority type girls with fake flat ironed blond hair with overly tanned skin and Brittany Spears boob jobs are seen as female symbols of insecurity low self esteem and a lack of cultural intelligence.”






      • Well, you know, I’ve nothing against gays, transvestites, transexuals, bisexuals, lesbians etc etc.

        But Stevie kept trolling every forum and killing every argument with the same text, over and over and over again ad infinitum, like a school bully or a Jesus freak. I’m not the only person who wanted to track him down and kill him. When I’m faced with stupidity like that, I’ll throw any insult back at him as he would do worse to me.

        Sorry if I offended any LGBT people on this board.

        Now that his whereabouts are known, he’s got a lot quieter. And who’s paying for that big loft anyway? It sure isn’t from his web design for bands or blogging.

        • “‘culturally vapid sorority type girls with fake flat ironed blond hair with overly tanned skin and Brittany Spears boob jobs are seen as female symbols of insecurity low self esteem and a lack of cultural intelligence.”

          Heh. I said it thusly:
          “Female notions of ‘empowerment’ abound across the social spectrum. Unfortunately, many rely upon simplistic visual façades to project deeper conceits of need, worth, protest, ego, etc.
          All of which are valid issues until adopted pretenses engender (no pun intended) diminishing returns, resulting in the propagation of conspicuous clichés which, in the end, reveal a larger truth:

          Empowerment Assertions = Self-Marketing”

  1. Dear Diehipster,

    Thanks again. I had to watch it twice again because I was laughing so much. “Ya, ya like…” Too funny.

  2. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ‘Glad you came out here from Wisconsin to check out my awesome lifestyle you support after 40 years of working in a cheese factory’



    Like, seriously you should have your own show for reals!! 10 stars

  3. Saw an ad about some shit similar to this! Ben has been keeping quiet (wisely, i might add) on his role as a mid life hipturd hailing from the NYC and portrays the angst of every unwashed Jeremy who ever lived. With no job and sense of purpose and direction, he makes his nasally journey (surprisingly NOT on foot with a 32mm camera but by air) to California when he is asked to take on some form of responsibility for the first time in his life from his more practical and successful hardworking brother to ‘house sit’ while he goes gallivanting on holiday to play with Vietnamese hookers. ..i mean..’checks out some investment opportunities in Vietnam with his family’

    Ben succeeds at delivering the “Right now, I’m really trying to do nothing for a while,” title character that fits the bill for your everyday dead beat, absolutely worthless hipster in the indie film all while manage to bitch about Bloomburg not giving a shit about “noise pollution”

    WARNING: the yuppie pretense is sickening and is rated ‘R’ for retarded.

  4. A hipster composer of the future has arrived:

  5. i have to disagree hippies are just as bad from the 60′s they were the same rich kids acting like they were poor while the other kids there age died in vietnam

    • Wrong!

      Hippies were rich and poor kids. Hippies, back in the day, stopped a war, and are largely responsible for the women’s movement, racial equality, sexual freedom and environmental awareness. Hippies also cared about other people and the planet. They were not aloof from the working man and stood together with poor people on a lot of causes.
      It’s only later when they all became “New Age” and the whole thing became a marketing gimmick that it began to stink.

      Same deal with Punk. When the Sex Pistols said “Fuck the Queen”, they meant it. It’s only afterwards when Madison Avenue decided to market “Never Mind the Bollocks” t-shirts to every high school kid that it lost its bite.

      Hipsters never stood for anything, beyond regurgitated fashion and high rents. They have never created original art or music (at least none that I’ve noticed). And I have yet to meet a hipster who could stop talking about him/her/itself long enough to notice that anyone else exists.

      Finally, if you’re Steve Lame, see my video above and Fuck Off!

    • I don’t remember there ever being entire neighborhoods full of rent-raising, ‘foodie’-shopping, designer-clothes-buying hippies in NYC ever before. Care to enlighten me?

      • Guys, there is a little truth to what Jewc is saying. The politically active ones were like from the SDS and the yippies. And, these people were like today’s joshes who were scared shitless to go to Viet Nam. THATs a big reason why they became politically active. Also to be fair alot of them were active in the civil rights movement too. Some went totally off and started the weather underground etc. But by their own admissions, the primary motivation behind Weatermen was Viet Nam. On the other hand there *was* another faction were some trifling no count fuck faces (similar to the hipsters) who just hung out in Golden gate park and got high all day and other kinda fuckery. Didn’t you see Psycho Out?

        Even though the political ones did some shit, I am not that impressed because eventually they became some of the most politically backward, socially crunchy, spawners of hipster fuck faces. Ever heard of YUPPIES? Where do you think the name comes from? Check out Bernadine Dhoren. She was a radical bitch back in the day, blowing shit up with the weather underground. After years on the run, she turned herself in. Remenber THAT was in the 80s when that kinda shit wasn’t cool anymore. Because she was rich and white, she didn’t do any time ( or if she did it was minimal) and she even kept her law license. AFTER BLOWING ALOT OF SHIT UP…LIKE A TERRORIST…she still can practice law….and get PAID….For someone who hated America so fucking much, when it was convenient for her, she just joined up real good didn’t she…..

        Props to all the old timers who *did* shit….I am more impressed by the creative accomplishments of that period. It was a Rennaisance. Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, CSN & Y (genius) etc. etc. Jodorwersky, etc. just to name a few.

        If you look at it in terms of *that* it is obvious that our culture today has taken a great leap backward.

        • Well, the hippies of yore did much more shit today than the hipsters of today. Can you actually picture a hipster setting off a tofu bomb at a local Army recruiting station or able to give an intelligent, personal explanation of why the War of Terror is bad other than American Apparel or Arcade Fire saying so?

        • The real Achilles Heel of Hippydom is that it is primarily a youth movement. You either clean yourself up and put on a suit by the time you turn 30 or you end up dead with a needle sticking out of your veins in a toilet somewhere.

          A few hippies become successful musicians. Others manage to buy a plot of land near Woodstock or Portland and farm chickens. Yet others market handmade beads (or made-in-China), effectively becoming yuppies in hippie clothing.
          But if you want a real job, you better cut your hair, shave off the beard and put on a suit.

          The Right, on the other hand, can abstain from booze and drugs, wear suits and praise Jesus until they’re 90.

          Guess who will be more successful in the long run?

          Of course, hipsters have turned everything upside-down. With parental funding paying for everything, they don’t ever need to grow up and can play with blocks and Barney until they’re 90 or until the trust fund runs out, whichever comes first.

          • I never put too much stock in *how* someone describes themselve…I only consider *what they do*. To me there really is no dif between the dems or reps anymore. As far is Liberal goes in America most of these people use it as an accessory or cocktail party fodder.

            Even that great liberal Clinton was a mother fucker and did some very ronald regan kinda shit re public benefits.

            Yeah, they can talk alot of shit but these kinda people are some money grubbing, greedy kinda fuckfaces you gotta be careful of. When they want your neighborhood or buy the building where you live…watch the fuck out. I was defending myself in an unlawful eviction behind some hideous liberal feel good assholes on Staten Island who bought the house where I lived. They did some hideous, EVIL, illegal shit like turning off my heat, nailing my windows shut and letting a scumbag live in the downstairs apartment for free…this fuckface robbed us several times….All because some fucking BITCH ass feel good bitches wanted to live in edgy St. George.

            So now, re the hippies, they talked alot of shit and smoked alot of shit…but in the end cultrually, politically and economically we are worse off now. Yeah, I know we had a lotta years of Bush family fuckery…but that is never a reasonable explanation…because all the aging hippies and libs just let that shit happen…and it was a damn shame for the entire world. Whatever the fuck these people said they were about…fuck that…just look at what they did and still continue to do….

            SPAWNED the most hideous generation of fuck faces IN HISTORY….And you can see the hippies warped bullshit all over their children too….gender confused, mentally retarded, narcissistic, materialistic, lazy…indifferent sheeple. They are only out for themselves and live in a rainbows and lollipops feel good version of America (programmed by their parents) where most of the normal people are FUCKED OVER but good….

            I would totally shit my pants and renounce if I ever saw just one of those selfish mother fuckers lift a finger to intelligently and genuinely help someone other than their kind.

    • Hippies were from all sections of society. They actually protested against Vietnam, supported civil rights movements, and reform in society. A good number of these people became democrats or moved into the republican party.

      Hipsters on the other hand don’t do anything to stop the bullshit in Iraq and Afghanistan, they still shop at urban outfitters even though they hate gay marriage and shop at American Apparel even though that company does shady things to young girls that would make your hippie feminist flip out.

      Hippies became lame when South Park pointed out how stupid they can be and when hipsters started appropriating aesthetics from that subculture.

  6. I start laughing just looking that cartoon character with the doofy ginger afro.

  7. Soon things are going to get to the point where no real actual hip person will want to be anywhere within the 5 boroughs or within a 25 mile radius of New York City.

  8. Josh and Meghan discuss the important things in life in artistsnfleas

  9. Funny yupster sighting today:

    Earlier on the L Train heading to Brooklyn two filthy 30-year-old yupster lesbians got on at the 3Ave stop and stood across from me. One of them wore a cowboy jacket, sandals, and a yellow skirt with ratty jeans underneath and the other looked like Barney Rubble and was dressed like my grandmother. They both had backpacks covered in pins of obscure bands and ironic quotes and had identical blue yoga mats strapped to the sides.

    They were obviously in the middle of a lovers quarrel and both were bright red with tears in their eyes. The Barney Rubble girl kept pulling away from the other girl and tried to ignore her while staring into her iPhone. The girl kept whining “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” trying to grab her man hand.

    When we got to the Bedford Ave stop the Barney Rubble girl tried to get off as her cankled companion was pulling her arm. People started yelling at them as they were blocking the doors, both in tears, when Barney Rubble fell into a group of Puerto Rican girls who then shoved her to the floor and made her MacBook fall out of her backpack and crack open. None of their yupster brethren on the train defended her as they all looked away while some other people laughed. They then both just sat there still in tears until the next stop.

    • Awww man, how come I never see anything that good?? I can visualize exactly the sort of dirty pigs they were too; I see them every day.

      “They both had backpacks covered in pins of obscure bands and ironic quotes and had identical blue yoga mats strapped to the sides.” Hahaha, of course they did. Got to!

      • Yeah, PS=YT – Seeing those yupster filthbags in tears was like finding $20 bucks in the street. These are the times I wish I had a video camera with me.

      • Yo PS=YT,

        I was in Prospect Park today with a friend and kids and when I’m waiting for the B68 bus on PPSW and Greenwood theres Mr. Shaggy McBoney with his checkerboard flannel and his girl with tattooed feet and 1950′s librarian glasses munching on organic popcorn while having a stoop sale in front of their blue house. I’ll email you a pic, maybe you recognize them and the house. Then!!! Then this fucking guy on a fucking unicycle pops out of Greenwood ave and crosses into the Park!!! I almost exploded into laughter. I swear this scene really happened. And I don’t go around there that often.

  10. Fucked in the Head in Park Slope: Episode 2 Mommie Cheezes Director’s Cut.

    • has been offline for several hours now.

      Let’s hope we scared her off.. :)

      • Looks like it’s back up – IKJ: did you send your girl EriKKKa over there a copy of her new show?

      • Maybe. I got 68 hits just over night (?) We can thank PS=YT for hipping me to put tags on it.

        Also, this shit is fucking addictive I see lots and lots more of these……And, it really helps relieve the HOSTILITY AND ANGER that horrible, horrible bitch has polluted my psyche with…..

  11. I wonder if Erikka has Jayz as a friend on facebook. I don’t think anyone would blow a load with her though even a 110 lb hipster.

    • Look at the size of her (second from left in the photo). Her biceps are bigger than mine.

      The funny thing is though that a female like her is able to pick and choose from bony bearded boyfriends here in Shit Slope because that’s what flies here. The beardos fight over chicks like her in hipster-yuppie hives like “Commonwealth” and “Buttermilk.” She’s like a Park Slope “10″.

      • Everyone in that pic looks like a slimey marketing cocksucking maggot. And btw, shes married to a fucking ugly fat fuck with a 1″ peen. His pic used to be on that site but its gone now….No wonder she’s a “baller” cuz between her husbands short tiney dick and her huge gigantic, flabby thighs…AINT NO BABIES COMIN OUTTA THAT…..

      • From:
        Erica writes the popular, snarky Park Slope blog Fucked in Park Slope. Since it began in November of 2008 it’s grown to a group of 8 – 10 writers who are “equal opportunity judgers” of the people in Park Slope, both “Breeders” (those with “bebes” and toddlers) and “Ballers” (the kid-free and loving it crowd). They keep up with local events and even host a few of their own.

        You can follow them on twitter: @effedparkslope and online at

        I forgot to take a photo of Erica, so she sent me her wedding photo. Cute!
        Sorry Guys! She’s married already. You can’t have her. :(


    • Not JayZ but Biggie Smalls for reals she is friended or whatever the fuck that is…..Also, if you go to her site you will see that she has trotted out Blog Nigger of all fucking people to say she’s not racist. Aparently she got into some shit before and people called her out. Then BN gave her a racism free pass or some shit…and she plastered it on her site….WTF? What a sleezy fucking cunt. Also, I am not impressed with BN either he is also fucked in the head as much as she is. And he makes up 95% of his shit on there and has this gentrified yup POV. FUCK YOU BLOG NIGGER…KISS MY Brown ASS.

      Forgive…I can’t stop talking like an xtranormal cartoon robot!!

  12. reminds me of me and my dad

    except i usually argue to stop him from paying for things…i also pay him back when he does buy something for me

  13. Her argument for not being racist is because she is Jewish.

    • Yeah, and all those morons also say is just satire….ha ha ha

    • That’s funny. I love that mentality that only white Christians can be racist. Like when Jackie Mason called Obama a “schvartze” and then acted surprised when people called him a racist. Riiiiight.

  14. Anyone know of the Brazilian Band Sepultera, I was just listening to the song Roots Bloody Roots and the song is pretty much about holding on to your culture despite the fact that globalists want to destroy it. Reminds me of the hipsters taking over immigrant neighborhoods.

  15. Another clip on what my friend thought about hipsters – in a talk show format -

  16. Here is the first episode of Park Slope Yupsters:

  17. Every once in a while I will see a transplant attention seeking piece of shit dressed like they are one of the dancers in MICHAEL JACKSON’S BEAT IT or BAD music videos.

    When I see this I usually will immediately start laughing at them and then I will bring to their attention that the year is 2010 and not 1987 or 1983.

  18. HEY!!! Hipsterminator…HEY! HEY!!!

    please Please PLEASE make one of Bunny & Irina…PLEASE…I would do it..but Im too busy right now.l…c’mon man…,it needs your touch!


    • Request received. I’m pretty busy at the moment but I’ll do it as soon as I get a chance.

      Matt Gross and Stevie is also a possibility.

  19. Oh right someone needs to write about Matt Gross…

  20. My first attempt at xtranormal


  22. Love this site.

    What’s all this *Gay & Lesbian* stuff ?

    *Gays & Lesbians* were invented by *my mom* in 1956 when the tv went on the fritz—she said watching them would be funnier than “The Three Stooges.”

    The Lesson ?—always listen to *your mom*, she’s always right !

  23. Starberrys
    Here is the first episode of Park Slope Yupsters:

    Please allow me to post you video on!

    You smacked out of the park on that one and BTW the videos are hilarious!

    The What

    Someday this war is gonna end..

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