Like I said in a comment yesterday. It’s rare, extremely rare, but I have run into decent, nice, funny, creative and smart people that wear the hipster uniform, live in ‘those’ certain neighborhoods, and are basically hipsters. Unfortunately, they are sprinkled in with thousands and thousands of reject wanna-be’s that everybody seems to hate. The ones who are talentless, flyover state, treehouse kids one day and magically become shaggy vintage rockstars and artists the next day in Brooklyn. The ratio is about 1000:1.

 For example, if the thought of making molds of your penis out of resin and beard hair as an art project crosses your mind then you are absolutely one of the thousand space wasting wanna-be’s. Look at this craigslist ad. Don’t know if this guy really lost his penis or if this was a way to market him self on craigslist.

Lost: Penis Sculpture (Chelsea)

Date: 2010-03-28, 6:06PM EDT
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Lost penis sculpture. Last seen on Feb 4th, 2010 around 1:00 am on display during the art show BYOA at X Initiative located on 548 W 22nd St. The art piece is a life size realistic sculpture of the artist’s penis and testicles made out or resin and beard hair. There were four Mark Billy penises on display but only one peach colored one went missing. See attached photos and links… 

 Please contact the artist Mark Billy if you have any information regarding his missing penis sculpture.