As you may already know, Fishing For Hipsters is when I place a lure on Craigslist Personals of a typical hipster transplant girl living in Brooklyn looking for a hipster guy. Sure enough, I get a bunch of responses from these ‘artists, musicians, and creative type guys’ who think they’ve found their filthy soulmate.

Here was my fake post:

Oh Zany Boy??? Where art thou??? – 28 (Billyburg)

Date: 2010-02-20, 1:40PM EST


To the potential quirky zany artsy boy that I may find…..this weekend I want:

to ride bikes
to talk about books
to eat something ive never eaten
to get drunk
to go to a flea market
to see a live show
to get a new tattoo
to drink tea and listen to vinyl

Can you dig it? My name is Charlotte, I’m 28, an artist, originally from Illinois, moved to Brooklyn last year. Tell me about you and lets do this.

  • Location: Billyburg

Here were just some of the word for word responses:


I wish I still had my bike, it got stolen outside of the Brooklyn library.  This summer might be time for a new one.
Right now I’m reading Chuck Klosterman’s Eating the Dinosaur.  Interesting philosophy comparing Kurt Cobain to David Koresh.
I bake and ice cakes at a bakery in Manhattan, I’m sure I could whip something together you’ve never eaten.
Brooklyn Flea?
Cage the Elephant is playing next week, that would be a pretty kick ass show to see.
My next tattoo is going to be the little girl in the pink dress from the cover of Animal Collective’s Feels.
Ween just re-released all their records so I can finally buy The Mollusk without spending $150.



Hey Charlotte
I am kinda bored here at the record store I work at so I am lurking around on criag’s list.
My name is Brandon. I am 27. Been out here from LA about two and a half years.
It was finally warm enough for me to ride my bike yesterday, but it had flat and I was sad.
I go to a lot of shows. Play in a few as well. (got one friday)
Drink a good amount of beer.
Am an avid thrift store and flea market digger.
I don’t drink tea but have a good size record collection.

What brought you out here from Illinois?


i am 25…
i am 6’2″…
i like coffee…alot…maybe a little too much…or not enough…
i like doing ken kens…
i am a smart ass…
i like all sorts of music(yes, i know, who the fuck doesn’t?) from shoegazer and hardcore to instrumental indie and jazz
i have a degree in neuroscience and do research with underprivileged or “at risk” populations as we are supposed to call it in academia…
i was an editorial intern at SPIN…
i am apparently not capitalizing my I’s…
i busted my knee playing rugby…
i used to play guitarron in a mariachi band (and flute occaionally…and yes, I know you are a mariachi aficionado and will clearly retort that flute is not a mariachi instrument, we doubled the strings)…
i overuse ellipses…
I love my nephews(most of whom are half asian…why do i mention this?…i guess i must be racist)…
I slipped in an I instead of i there…
Here are an assortment of pictures, with my various stages of facial hair…except for the ill conceived period of the white trash stache…i spared you that… 


Hi, there. You seem to have peaked my interest. A bit a about me, I’m 30, a whisky connoisseur, I’m back in school for graphic design, live in Williamsburg, love geeky things like vintage ghettoblasters and calculator watches. Musically I’m all over the map but lately I’ve been on a classic country binge. I  have a great sense of humor and have an opinion on almost anything!
Oh and I ride a bike and I love it!