Fishing for Hipsters is when I put a fake Craigslist post up and basically reel in a pathetic wanna-be, then post their replies on here for everyone to see what kind of parasites have taken up precious living space in Brooklyn.

Here was my post:

Run naked in the snow with me? – 29 (Billyburg/The Shwick)


Date: 2009-12-20, 8:44AM EST


I can’t believe the snowfall amount! It reminds of of back home in Minnesota. I’m a 29 y.o. female. Into anything vintage, artsy, indie. I work as a part time production assistant and part time dog walker/sitter. I’m also working on a project with a two friends in Detroit and Philly to create a 3-way art exchange program where young adults can swap apartments in those 3 cities and explore artisitc opportunities and try to spread some culture in urban environments. Looking to maybe meet up today with creative type guy into the same things I am. We can even play in the snow! I think I was kidding about running naked? Or was I ? Ha Ha. We can go to my friends art bar afterwards and have some of her famous Hot Rum Cocoa to warm things up. I’ve only met one guy from craigslist last year when I just moved to Brooklyn, he was kind of boring, worked as an EMS tech or something and we had nothing in common. Please only respond if you live in the Williamsburg;/Bushwick area. Please don’t just send a pic and say something like “hi baby”. I will not respond to that. Tell me about you, your hobbies, your goals, where you grew up, etc, etc…Waiting to hear from you!
Love , Sadie

Here were a couple of actual word for word responses :

Detroit, RoboCop, Philly, Rocky, Bushwick???

Well, I suppose we’re gonna have to make a movie then, I’m racking my brain, and I can’t think of one.  I mean, Coney yeah, but Bushwick.  Oh, shit wait, Serpico is in Williamsburg.  Lets re-stage Serpico in the snow, you know, snow deals, and then we can have a snow ball fight like a shoot out, but don’t whiteface me. 

‘Hi baby’, this don’t make much sense.  I just woke up, time to make some coffee and eat some hummus.  Then write, on art, and then…? What you do?


Next Fuckster:

Hope I’m not too late!
Just got back from flap-jack extravaganza at my good mate’s flat and am preparing mentally for the Dizzy Fizz Holiday Puncheon tonight.  If we meet far enough in advance of 7pm I could theoretically get you onto the guestlist… assuming you’d want to join in the festivities.
My apartment is known affectionately as “The Wormhole for Wayward Minnesota Souls” and I am involved in the USBGNY bartender exchange program.  I work as a writer and spirits educator more than anything, but have been known to pull a shift or two behind the stick.  Spreading artistic culture in urban environments is what I do.  I have recently teamed with an AMAZING artist as her NY agent, see her work here:
www._ _ _ _ _ _
While not technically in either Bushwick or Williamsburg, I am on the southern border of both, and as a cyclist, can be pretty much anywhere in a jiffy.  Going to your friend’s art bar for Hot Rum Cocoa sounds like a perfect outing to follow pancakes and buff snow running, and a perfect preface to the punch party!
Really?  You wouldn’t respond if I said “hi baby”?  Even a “hi baby” from me would have communicated how much your post resonated.  I’ll tell you all about me, my hobbies, goals, where I grew up, etc when we meet.
Wait no more,



 Next Douche:

I’m xxxxxxx, 28 years old and live in Brooklyn.

I’m a  live sound engineer and tour manager. I tour with silly little bands around the world for a living.I fancy delicious worldly cuisine, the cooking of delicious worldly cuisine, different music, dogs, traveling, and falconing.Sometimes I have a beard, sometimes I don’t. I like lots of music and film…I just moved to Williamsburg from Austin, TX.

Its snowy and wintery and I just want to and hang out.


 So there’s my catch for the day. I usually get more ridiculous responses from these space wasting, wanna be intellectuals. Well I guess it’s time for coffee and hummus, the breakfast of champion transplants.